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    Free Museum Day in Los Angeles!

    Um… how amazing is this??? FREE museum day is here and there are over 40 in Los Angeles that you and your friends/family can go to! For our family, we will be hitting up kid friendly ones like Kidspace, Skirball, La Brea Tar Pits, Cayton Children’s Museum, etc. For a list of the museums, check out these links below! LA Times: Free Museum Day is Back https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/story/2020-01-24/free-museum-day-southern-california?_amp=true SoCal Museums: Museums Annual Free For All Day Annual Free-for-All Day

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    Physical Learning for Toddlers & Kids

    i don’t know about you, buttt i love looking up learning and physical milestones that babies/toddlers/kids should be reaching.  it helps me know if c is on track and what the next step is so that mike and i can support/nurture it.  that sounds cray i know~ mike always gives me side eye when i bring it up.  lol  i feel like it’s my job as a parent to make sure she is growing and thriving right?  she doesn’t have to be doing what 5 years olds do, but i want her to be able to achieve average 2/3 year old milestones.  reading these charts/articles also helps me know what…

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    Gardening with Toddlers

    i recently read that at c’s age (almost 3), the best activities are gardening, cooking, exploring the outdoors.  sooo…that’s what we’ve been doing!  we go on these epic walks in the evening as a family~ we started baking and making our own pizzas at home~ and this last weekend we tried city gardening.  and by that i mean…herbs.  we have a small apartment and i do not have a green thumb~ so we started off with something easy: planting herb seeds and replanting a lima bean plant she made at school. c loved every single aspect of this project.  i could see why!  it was so fun for her to…

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    Easter 2018 celebrations, crafts and pictures

    oh my, i mayyyyy have gone a little crazy and overplanned this holiday.  LOL  BUTTT what else is new right?  c went on three Easter Egg hunts, made lots of cupcakes, dyed eggs twice, and had the TIME OF HER LIFE this year.  i love her age right now where everything is SO COOL and she jumps up and down and says ‘I SO EXCITED UMMA!!” *heart melting* i’m trying to soak up every second of this sweet age.  i wish she would stay this little and sassy forever! Easter Egg Hunt with the Besties <3 Easter in El Segundo.  This was the closest C would get to an Easter…