sadly my blog has been neglected for the past like three years.  i always mean to write regularly and put together fabulously curated posts… butttttt life is not that way.  i work full-time, have a cray commute, usually do the evening routine stuff on my own, and mama needs a long zone out break after c goes down for the night.  our house literally looks like hoarders USA (not b/c we are hoarders, but b/c we never put stuff back in it’s place).  sigh. anyway, since it’s been a while and i thought i’d update on some random things going on… i’m looking for a side hustle.  something to give…

  • Family

    Must Read for Parents: Protect your Child from Sexual Abuse

    oh my.  i hate to bring this topic up and make you a more paranoid parent… but if you’re anything like me, I WANT TO KNOW.  i want to know what to be cautious of, what to look out for, and how to best equip my baby so that she knows what is OK and what is CERTAINLY NOT OK. (Click here for the article) you may not agree with everything here, but i do think it’s important to be aware and be in the know of what surrounds our kids today.

  • MISC

    The Best Dry Shampoo for Busy Moms

    Oh LORD, I have been through my fair share of dry shampoos and thought that this product was just not for me.  It either was super flaky and made my hair flat OR it was for dark hair and left a dark brown/black residue on everything my head touched.  GROSS. With Mike’s travel schedule, our life schedule and just going through 1.5 years of baby/no baby drama I needed to change my morning routine up.  I decided to try one more dry shampoo.  That’s when I discovered Dove Dry Shampoo + Volume (link to a 3-pack here).  It not only absorbs the oil but it gives my roots texture (volume)…

  • Beauty

    Rose Water Toner

    Rose water, rose oil~ it’s all the rage these days.  This past winter my skin has been extra dry, so I’ve been doing my best to moisturize and layer my skin with extra products.  I’ve been trying these two products out above and I have to say…these seem pretty darn similar.  The Trader Joe’s facial toner is $5 and is really light and watery on the skin.  It feels like the best toner to spray on your face throughout the day when you need a refresh or when you need a little bit of hydration.  The Mario Badescu spray is $14 on amazon (click here) and it’s a bit thicker…