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    Summer + 10 Years

    Hello friends. I am alive and well. I know that since this blog was rebooted I haven’t been updating as regularly. That is because…Well…life! Every day of the work week I’m just trying to get to bedtime. After bedtime I try to clean a little, rest, and talk to my main man. This last year I have felt myself stretched thin, yet I’m not sure why. My job is way better (and less stressful), c is older and easier, mike is traveling less… *shrug*. I guess it is just one of those busy seasons. Anyway, just wanted to pop on here and tell you I am alive and well. Just…

  • Kids

    Screen Time for Toddlers

    oh my…this one is such a hard topic.  before having c i could have SWORN to everyone that i would never show c tv until she was like 5.  then motherhood hit and well…she saw screens at 1.5 years old and prob watches WAYYY more than she should each week. here are two articles that i wanted to share with ya’ll.  one of my own journey that i wrote for momsla and one that helps me feel better about showing C screens.  lol Article 1: Babies and Toddlers: The Definitive Answers to Screen-Time Questions Article 2: Screen Time for Toddlers