The Best Dry Shampoo for Busy Moms

Oh LORD, I have been through my fair share of dry shampoos and thought that this product was just not for me.  It either was super flaky and made my hair flat OR it was for dark hair and left a dark brown/black residue on everything my head touched.  GROSS.

With Mike’s travel schedule, our life schedule and just going through 1.5 years of baby/no baby drama I needed to change my morning routine up.  I decided to try one more dry shampoo.  That’s when I discovered Dove Dry Shampoo + Volume (link to a 3-pack here).  It not only absorbs the oil but it gives my roots texture (volume) and makes my hair look AWESOME the next day.  This is the BEST dry shampoo that I’ve ever used.  I usually spray it in my hair the night before and let it soak up the oil overnight.  Then in the morning I rub the shampoo into my hair and create texture.  BEST new product that I’ve added into my routine and saves me SOOO much time on busy mornings when showering is not an option.  Hope this little bottle helps all you other busy mama’s out there!

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