Punching Debt in the Face

oh man, do you remember this blog?  i loooooooooved this guy so much.  (the new writer is not the original writer–who sold it after he became successful).  the original writer started this blog to help keep himself accountable for his student loans and he had a really ridiculous way of living so that he could prioritize his debt repayment.  he got married and even had two kids with this mindset/lifestyle.  like you would see his monthly spending charts and graphs and think he was cray cray~ BUTTTT he was able to save so much money that he bought a baller home + his wife was able to stay home and raise their little ones.

some random snippets i always remember were: 2x a week for dinner they eat something low budget like cereal or pb&j; the wife gets to go shopping 2x per year (nordstroms sales); and she had a really tight budget per month (like $100 or something).  the husband seemed like an asshole on the Steve Harvey Show (when they were featured) BUTTTT if you read his blog~ you knew why.  he had really really big financial goals and he was the living example of what 6 years of sacrifice will give you: a house, a cushy savings, a comfortable budget for a 1 income family, etc.  oh AND they always always gave to their church, youth group, etc.  like they were so generous with church stuff and really frugal with their own lives.  total #goals.

now… i freaking read this blog for like 5 years and did i do any of those things?  nope.  did i eat low budget meals and save enough to buy a house?  not even close.


anyway, i was updating my own financial spreadsheet today and it reminded me of this blog.  i can’t live the super strict lifestyle he did, but i do seriously think about it all the time.  i wonder what it would be like to eat pb&j all the time, not eat out, never go shopping, and be debt free.  probably worth the pain and hardship right?  even if it’s just for one year?  like who needs new clothes when you already have an entire closet full right?

dude which reminds me… i have a girlfriend who got married and made the first year of their marriage their debt repayment year.  they didn’t eat out, shop or spend any money that was unnecessary so they could repay their credit card debt + student loans in 1 year.  CRAZY!!!  during this one year journey, i could see how hard it was for them, but they did it (b/c sometimes you want to eat out)!  and the year after that, they bought a car and paid it all off within one year too.  i mean… that kind of intense dedication is amazing.  now with two children they are living the good life, debt free.

i have student loans still and i’m almost in my mid-30s.  ugh.  sooooo annoying and something i want to get rid of asap. feels like as we’re saving for a house, this debt is just always looming over me… SOOO i looked up a few articles to help get my motivation back that i found interesting:

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