No words…

After what happened yesterday at our Nation’s Capitol I am just SAD. I am sad for the division in our country, the blatant disparity in the way we treat certain groups, and the absolute hate that is spreading in our Country.

Charlotte asked me what happened yesterday (bc the news has been on nonstop) and it made me sad that I had to even explain it. I obviously have her a simple version bc she is five, but I had such a heavy heart during our conversation.

I suspect that I will still have this heavy heart the remainder of this week and we work through and process what happened. I just want to leave my fellow friends this photo that I found a lot of comfort in. I can’t change the world but I can sure as hell make sure my babies are loved, safe, and happy. I can make sure they know hate and division are not who we are, but only through Love and Christ can we heal and move forward.

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