Fourth of July Recap

This year, Fourth of July came SO FAST!!!  I thought I was ready…but the week leading up to it… NOPE.  NOTEVENALITTLE.

Thank GOD for friends who are better prepared and host parties!  lol  Here are some fun photos from our day + a gender reveal!!  Can’t wait for one more baby to join our family!

isn’t this outfit adorable??  got it from target a few months back + the stars that are on the wall. the entire day was kid centered and just SO MUCH FUN.  i was having such a great time chatting with friends that i totally forgot to take pictures!!  sooo unlike myself.  *doh*

and below we were able to celebrate something so very special to a family i love like my own.  a gender reveal!!! eeeeek.  

Even the doggies came out to play!!  Lucy was EXHAUSTED at the party and needed a full 48 hours to recover.  LOL  #littledogproblems


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