sadly my blog has been neglected for the past like three years.  i always mean to write regularly and put together fabulously curated posts… butttttt life is not that way.  i work full-time, have a cray commute, usually do the evening routine stuff on my own, and mama needs a long zone out break after c goes down for the night.  our house literally looks like hoarders USA (not b/c we are hoarders, but b/c we never put stuff back in it’s place).  sigh.

anyway, since it’s been a while and i thought i’d update on some random things going on…

  • i’m looking for a side hustle.  something to give me life.  i feel so uncreative and uninspired lately.  i applied for stitchfix and got accepted to interview! (YAY)  now i’m just waiting for the interview portion which can take 2-6 months.  beyond that tho…i’d love to find something else.  i have no clue what it would be… but i would just love something i’m passionate about.
  • i started the intermittent diet a few weeks ago.  life changing.  (more info about the diet here and here)  i’m on fertility drugs and it made me gain 15lbs in 6 months.  like SHOCKING.  my stomach always looks 5 months preggers and i’m always suuuuper tired.  when i started the ID, it really really helped clear my mind, give me more energy, and my stomach bloat went down!  i lost like 4lbs in the first week, which was SHOCKING.  i felt really motivated after that to keep a healthier diet and stick with the new ID lifestyle.  i’m sure there are faster ways to lose weight, but i need to do something that is easy to stick to.  juicing for 5 days is not realistic and i’d probably eat like 2 XL pizzas after and gain the weight back.
  • my skin has taken a bad beating this last year.  i’ve been trying to do more skincare at home but i feel like i need a super facial (w laser) to jump start my “glow”.  random thought…but something i’ve been obsessing over lately.  lol
  • i started to meal plan!  it’s been super duper easy and worth the prep work.  i bought like 50 glad containers (mike was not amused) in the exact shapes i needed for 1-2 mini meals and snacks during the day.  on sundays i will meal prep for monday through wednesday (unless it’s something that will last longer).  then on wednesday i’ll do a quick prep for thursday & friday.  my goal with meal prepping was to save money and to make sure that i’m eating a cleaner diet.  if it’s all premade in the fridge, it’s so much easier to grab and go.  i am NOT the type of person to wake up at 6am and prep for the day, so i need something i can grab without a second thought.  i think i started this a few weeks before the intermittent diet and i’m totally sold.  i am not adventurous with meal ideas but pinterest has been very helpful.
  • i’ve been aching to take a vacay somewhere.  i’d love to go to paris or london (just like book it and go), buttttt mike wants to hit up italy first.  i’m totally down.  esp when we just have charlotte, what an easy trip that would be!  i’ve been researching a lot and i’m just waiiiiting for some cool deal to show up.  if not…then maybe there will be some flash sale for new york or portland or seattle!

it’s only tuesday this week.  sigh.  cannot wait for friday at 4pm.  lol  the days are super long during the week and on the weekends they just zoom by in the blink of an eye.  whhhyyy.

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