2020 Good Wishes and Goals

i know there are a ton of people who hate to set goals and resolutions for the new year, but i love it. i love the reset feeling of starting fresh AND i love setting intentions up for the year in hopes of achieving them. like have a focus or theme for the upcoming year. in Hawaii i had some downtime to finally THINK about our family, where we spend our time and what i hope for us this upcoming year.

my goals and intentions for our family are to…

let go of our things and simplify our lives. aka have way less to clean and fuss over. after living with so little on our holiday trip~ it kinda makes you realize how little you need! i’ve been listening to podcasts about organizing and home decor which has given me tons of great ideas.
travel more (staycations, roadtrips, etc). over the break i realized that the thing that truly brings me the most happines is to travel as a family and experience new places and things. i would love to simplify our lives so that we could focus on this more.
spend more time with mike (take some days off and do day dates while the kids are at school)
eat healthier and eat at home more. i’ve been telling mike that i really want to have go-to specialties~ like how people have famous pies or stews or whatever. this year i want to make my first batch of kimchi, learn to cook juns (fried egg dishes), and make potstickers with charlotte. i also want to figure out what my go to dessert is…i’m thinking a pie…? we’ll see.
be clean and organized (again). i was SO much more together and type A before i met mike and before i had kids. i’m so tired i have been just looking the other way. this year i hope to go back!! take time each night to reset, organize, and prep for the next day.
be intentional with my time and money. like i said earlier, i have so many goals for us and our family this year~ i want to spend it where it really matters. not meet up with so many random friends or spend money on things that don’t make a positive impact for our lives. i’m hoping this goal frees up more of our time, allows us to live in the moment more, and simplifies our life. πŸ™‚

i’ve been so caught up in the daily grind and surviving each day/week that 2019 felt like i didn’t live purposefully. this year, i hope to really change that. ^^

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