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oh Lord…we are in the thick of the threenager years and it is HARD.  i’m not sure if it’s b/c she’s our first, so just parenting a child is the hard part.  ORRR if our child is really THAT much harder.

c is VERY strong-willed and stubborn (go that from me) and there are some things that she just won’t back down on.  i understand her reasoning and WHHYYY she wants it, but the bigger problem is that she’s not listening to what mike and i are saying.  like her will to do something HER WAY and in HER TIME is stronger than any time-out, spanking, scolding, lecture, taking toys away, WHATEVER.  we’ve even tried starting a sticker chart that rewards her for good behavior and when she does something super bad we’ll take stickers away.  BUTTT the stickers aren’t really working either.  She thinks taking stickers off is just as fun as putting them on.  *eye roll*

sigh.  so i’m in the midst of listening to parenting podcasts and figuring out the right way to steer c in the direction we want her to go in.  our biggest hardship is that she doesn’t listen to our directions.  she doesn’t listen when we tell her it’s time for bed, time to eat, time to do anything.  she says “oh second”, “i’m coming”, “O-KAYYY” or another stalling tactic.  HEAVY SIGH.

anyway…that is where ALL of my energy has been going these days, which is why i’m MIA on here.  hopefully we will all get over this threenager hump in one peace.  people keep reminding me that as an adult, these traits are great and will help her become successful.  as a parent tho…i kiiiiinda wish she was super chill and did whatever i said (like a robot).  pray for me guys.  let’s hope we survive.

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