Pandemic Parenting: Toy Guide

It’s been a while since I came on here. The Pandemic is kicking my ass and I feel like survival is the only thing I’ve been doing since March.

Can you believe it’s almost OCTOBER already too?? I feel like I blinked and four months went by. Sigh.

Anyway, I thought I would share some fun things that have kept my girls really happy and busy these few months that we’ve been indoors. If you’re about to pull your hair out, maybe some of these items below will help!

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  1. Intex Rainbow Cloud Pool: the girls LOVE splashing around when it’s hot (and we are having some heat wave weather in LA!). We don’t have a backyard but this fits perfectly on our patio. We throw tons of toys in like mermaid barbies, bath toys, water balloons, etc. When the girls are sick of playing in the pool, we give them different kinds of water guns and they have a blast emptying the pool.

2. Plastic Balls: These are the perfect thing to pull out when your kids are getting bored of EVERYTHING in the house. We use them in the girls play house, princess tent, the rainbow pool, or just let them loose in the house for them to make angels in. It’s been a really fun way to spice things up during a pandemic.

3. Le Papillon Pink Princess Tent: This thing is AMAZING. We got it as a gift and it folds away flat when you want to put it away. The girls use this to play, use it as a secret fort, and will also take naps in here. WHATEVER WORKS RIGHT! DAYS of happiness in one foldable, tent.

4. Magnatiles: These tiles are super easy to use for kids of all ages. Your little one can make massive castles or tons of little houses for a town. The box says that it uses Math and Science to create this fun activity~ but my girls don’t know that. LOL They just love the may the tiles stick together and can be easily torn apart. They love the see through plastic and the fun colors it can make together (esp if you use a flash light to peak into the structures). Our 1.5 year old and 5.5 year old play with them together and it’s amazing that one toy can be so versatile!

5. Fuse Beads! OMG I haven’t seen these since I was little. Charlotte brought home a fuse bead piece another girl at her school gave her and I was so surprised. We obviously bought a giant box and began our journey creating really fun pieces. I swear we made 20 in one weekend! lol This was a SUPER fun way to spend time with my older daughter and give us a quiet activity to do while my little one slept.

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