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Hawaii 2018

oh my…this last trip to hawaii was different than my previous trips since we went with friends!  two families came to hawaii with their little ones and we stayed at the Hawaiian Hilton Village Hotel thursday to sunday.  it was a trip for the books and i have to say, a REALLY fun way to vacay!

c and i got to hawaii about 1 week before everyone else to hang out with my parents.  c only gets to see them once (mayyyybe twice) a year, so i wanted to make sure we had as much family time as possible.  my parents also managed to squeeze 1 year of spoiling into 1 week.  lol

once friends started coming into town, we literally spent everyday at the beach or pool.  c has always naturally been a water baby, but having the chance to spend time in the water everyday has really given her confidence!  she can swim on her own (with a life jacket vest) and is comfortable enough where mike and i are thinking of putting her in swim classes for the rest of the summer.

below are only like 0.1% of the photos taken, and the little summary above doesn’t do our trip justice.  BUTTTT if I don’t post a little note today, I swear I never will.  lol  life has been insanely busy and I literally have no idea where all my time goes.  Sigh.   if you have kids, this little lagoon by the hilton hawaiian hotel is for you.  safe, easy to get to, and just perfect for families with little ones!

Our hotel had a fireworks show on friday nights with a show byHawaiian dancers!  C was OBSESSED and even clapped at the finale.  hehe

after this trip i felt a few things…

  1. we are SO SO lucky to have wonderful friends to travel with
  2. i have the travel bug.  i wish i could get paid to travel and review places
  3. i’m so excited for the future vacations/staycations ahead!  our friend group is growing (marriage/children) and it’s so hard for all of us to do anything together.  we talked about how we should just make it easy and have 1 summer staycation in california every year.  the kids can run around and play together (aka becoming second generation besties), the adults can catch up and drizink by the pool, and most of all~ we can all just spend time together!!  10 ladies + their families… it is NOT an easy thing to get everyone under one roof/city.  we’re spread out across the U.S. and with so many different schedules, insanity.

anyway, the summer for us is coming to an end soon and i so so wish we could do one spontaneous trip to cabo or laguna beach.

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