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Easter Crafts for Kids

Well…in true Esther fashion this post is LATE, LATE LATE.

This last Easter was strange since we were still under quarantine and could not see any of our friends and family. No big Easter Egg hunt, no Easter Sunday Service, Easter Family Dinner, No Easter Bunny Photos (srsly so devastated)…nothing.

We decorated a bunch of eggs, made TONS of crafts, baked and just Easter’d our home out. Here are some of the fun we had together. <3

Sugar Cookies to hand out to our neighbors. Um…these came out TERRIBLY. I do not know to cook or bake. I tried a cookie AFTER we handed them all out and they were ROCK HARD. Like I legit couldn’t even bite into it. *eye roll*

We mailed out these little bunnies and Charlotte was SOOO excited and happy to pick out which bunny went to each friend. It reminded me how cool it was for kids to snail mail things (I certainly loved it), and I think I’m going to keep this up during this safer at home time and during future holidays.

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