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Easter Crafts & Baking for Kids

I LOVE a good holiday.  Big or small, I love theme parties, gift bags, and table settings.  (although i hate decorating my home so i just like to look at pictures of table settings…)

This year, Charlotte will be almost 3 when Easter rolls around and I am SOOO excited to share the real reason for Easter (Jesus’ resurrection) and also give her ten thousand Easter baskets and eggs.  LOL  a bit much?  Maybe just 4 baskets and 100 eggs then.  hieeeeee.  I’ll do another post on Easter Egg Basket Ideas (b/c I obsess over it).  ;P

Last year we did a sad Easter egg hunt in our apartment complex’s courtyard.  This year, I signed C up for the El Segundo Easter Event so she could run and collect Eggs, do some fun crafts and take pictures with the Easter Bunny.  C and Mike HATE going to these things but I just can’t stop myself.  LOL They are the cutest memories and pictures an cray mom like me can ask for.  <3

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