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Holiday Recap

Oh my goodness. Life is just flying by these days. The holidays were pretty amazing as a family of four and I tried to really be present for all the new “firsts” we all experienced.

This year I bought a small tree with princess ornaments for the girls’ room. I loved the idea that they could have a tree in their room, they could decorate it each year, and it would be something special for just the two of them to share.

We continued our family tradition of Hawaii for winter break. I loved every second we were able to spend as a family. I feel like we’re ALWAYS rushing to do something. Get to work/school, get to bed, get to playdates and lessons… there is never a day where we are relaxed and free of responsibilities. In Hawaii we were able to spend 2 weeks together as a family without worrying about laundry, cooking, cleaning or work.

I usually have a super long winter list of things I want to do for Charlotte/our family but this year we only tackled about half. This year we didn’t get to ice skate, see snow, bake cookies, etc. BUTTT that’s OK. I’m still adjusting to this new role as a mama of two and I want to enjoy our time together. Maybe next year we will tackle the long list… ^^

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