Indian Wedding

C and I went to our first Indian Wedding this month and it was AMAAAZING.  I have always wanted to be invited to such a beautiful and festive event like this and well… this wedding did NOT disappoint.  Here are some fun pictures from the weekend.

oh man, i have ALWAYSSSS wanted to get henna done on my hands.  c was absolutely BEAMING after she got hers done.

friends dance to the bride and groom.  there were SOOO many cool dances and performances.  

the groom’s entrance.  this was the first one i’ve ever seen and it was FUNNNN.  there’s a huge celebration welcoming the groom and leading him to the bride.  the music, dancing, and festive emotions were unbelievable.  

such a gorgeous ceremony.  i don’t recall the names of the special ceremonial things but the entire thing was just lovely.  so many colors, rituals and family centered components.

indian food all day, errrday this weekend.  it was SOOOOO good.  i wish i could have eaten more but my dresses were all so tight.  UGH.

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