How I Mari-Kondo’d My Life

have you read “the life-changing magic of tyding up” yet??  if not… you’re seriously missing out.  it has COMPLETELY changed my life and continues to change my life.  the author, marie kondo, is a bit extreme in the way she cleans, believes in cleaning, and treats objects.  that being said…her quirky perspective really helps you to view your objects and home through a completely different lens.

before book:

i’m pretty ocd clean (but can leave the house cluttered/messy).  i keep things for “someday” and have a hard time throwing things away that i can’t get back again (photos, memories, gifts ppl gave but i never use, etc).  before c, i had a ton of hobbies that i stopped doing altogether after she was born.  i also had collections of things that i treasured in the past but never looked at them and wasn’t sure what to do with them (but were too precious to give away).

the book:

mike i listened to the book on tape and we talked about some of the points and our “vision” for our home.  marie kondo goes into a lot of detail about how each object has a feeling/purpose.  they can have significant purpose in your life but then complete its purpose and be an object that you pass on to others (through donation/sale/etc).

she spoke a lot about how people will often give you gifts and the purpose of that gift is to make the giver happy.  of course the idea is that you love it to, but if you do not, it’s ok to give it away.  the purpose of the gift/item made the gift giver happy.  have bookshelves of books or boxes of crafts/fabric (like me) that you just don’t look at but still love?  well…think again.  if you don’t look at it and just have it to have… what is the purpose?

ok this is a SUPER short version of how wonderful the book is~but it taught me SOOO many things about our space, the way i treat objects, and how it weighs me down without realizing it.  you’re supposed to LOVE everything in your home.

i took 3 days off work to replaint our living room and declutter our home.  let me tell you…that was not enough time to do both, BUT it did really help me purge all the things i had immediately thought about when reading the book + all the things that didn’t work for my “vision”.

the vision i wanted was to come home to minimalist home that i didn’t have to clean.  i wanted to feel relaxed and just focus on spending time with my family.  i wanted to open cupboards/closets without things spilling out.  i wanted to be able to find things without moving other objects around and making a big mess.  if we moved out, i wanted it to be a super simple easy move with minimal work/boxes.  i was so stressed with work and life, i didn’t want my home to be stressful too.  i wanted it to be a sanctuary of peace and family.

that was the vision.  now it was time to CLEAN.

immediately after the book:

when just hearing the book on tape i totally started to think about all the random boxes, closets, cupboards that were just overflowing with STUFF.

the book tells you exactly what order to go in, but i wanted to first get rid of the things that popped into my head.  i emptied out boxes of hobbies i no longer did, books i never read, clothes i never wore…you get the idea.  i went through and filled over 20 garbage bags/boxes with stuff i had been holding onto b/c of guilt/memories/habit.

over the next 2 months or so, mike and i went through various areas of the house and threw out all the things that we were holding onto for no reason.  all the super easy things that were easy to get rid of.  by the end of this purge, we probably gave away 40+ garbage bags/boxes of our things.  electronics, random wires, crafts, clothes, shoes, books, appliances, etc.  tons of things we forgot about or never used.  our home looked awesome, but still was not what we had originally envisioned while reading marie kondo’s book.

one year after the book:

the konmari method stuck with us as we started to live our lives.  when something was clearly not inline with our vision, we tossed it.  after so much tossing, it was time to reorganize and then re-evaluate our home.  literally after 1 year… we were ready.  (disclaimer: one year b/c we both work and have active social lives.  we decided to do this slowly so that we could make it work for us.)

i would say we’re about 80% there.  we still need to get rid of 20% more (in my opinion).  i want to only own essentials, not random crap for someday.  if we don’t use it regularly, i don’t want it sitting in our home.  this last 20% is probably where mike and i disagree.  he doesn’t see why we need to do more de-cluttering… but i am just so tired of cleaning!!

our vision for our home slowly changed over the course of the year.  i had some health scares and mike’s job got more intense.  SOOO… we decided on an even more simple life so that our home can be easily cleaned & have a big play area for c.

we’re only 80% there and i’m really enjoying the entire process.  i find that my mindset on what to keep & what to buy has changed.  i need things to be functional and easy.  when i come across items i no longer use, LOVE, or have a purpose for~ i thank it for its duties up until then and toss/donate.

this book has totally changed my life and i love focusing on my “vision” for the home and this safe space.  i love the goal of living a certain way and making our home this wonderful sanctuary for our lives.

reading “the life-changing magic of tyding up” has totally changed our lives and if you’re looking for an easier, simpler life~ please read!!!

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