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Dalgona Coffee

Have you tried the new Dalgona Coffee trend??

this is my sad version of it. i purposely didn’t put that much sugar in it and the entire thing didn’t become as solid as you see in the images below. sad face.

Dalgona Coffee is the new internet/tiktok sensation coffee drink. You use equal parts instant black coffee, sugar, and hot water (2tbsp recommended). Then you whisk until it’s SUPER thick like whipped cream. You can pour the dalgona coffee mix over your choice of milk (Oat Milk has been a popular choice).

Here is what it is supposed to look like below, along with a recipe from AZCenteral.

photo from AZCentral

Some other cool idea spin offs from the Dalgona Coffee are the Matcha Dalgona Latte and the Thai Tea Dalgona Coffee! Here are the recipes below~

Photo from Proportional Plate, click on the link for the recipe!
Whipped Thai Tea photo from PopSugar. Click on the link for the recipe!

If you’re going stir crazy at home just like me, check out these recipes to break up and brighten your day!

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