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Three Years and 3 Months

i can’t believe i have a three year old TODDLER.  just seriously blows my mind.  time is going by SO SO fast and before i forget, i’m going to try and document some of the best memories/moments of C these days…

-c’s English and Korean are EXPLODING.  she says the most HILARIOUS phrases in both languages and the way she understands the world is really surprising.  she understands so much more than i give her credit for knowing at 3 yrs old.  funny phrases/words:

“widibittit” (for a little bit)

“i hiiiiidingggg” (when she just covers her eyes)

“bow cereal” (for cereal in a bowl, not just loose cereal and a cup of milk which is my go-to lazy mom breakfast)

can count to 20 but always leaves out #13 and #15

“we house” (she can’t say ‘our’ yet)

she calls my brother, ‘her brudder’, b/c she doesn’t understand the family tree relationships yet (she also calls him David like I do…maybe I should start calling him uncle?)

in Korean there are lots of S sounds but she uses a D instead.  it’s too adorable to correct right now.

“sowy bout dat” –usually after she did something wrong or bad.

“okayyy MOMM” –she says this with attitude and i’m always shocked.  #1 i prefer umma and #2 she sounds like a freaking teenager.

“what clock is it today” when she wants to ask, what TIME is it today.

-she is a shrewd negotiator.  always uses her head to get what she wants.  it’s pretty adorable right now.  she always asks for a “widibittit” of something or asks us which option we like best (both of which she wants).

-she refers to her fingers by the finger song (daddy finger = thumb, mommy finger = fore finger, etc).  it’s freaking hilarious.

-she often asks where we’re going: school, church school, my gym school, etc.  in her mind, everything relates back to school or disneyland.  haha

-loves being a princess.  her teachers call her princess everyday and i always thought they did it to all the girls, but turns out~ it’s their special nickname for her.  i LOVE knowing her school is so loving and sweet to her.  I feel like she won’t get that special care when she goes to Elementary school. *WAHH*

-c will ONLY wear dresses right now.  i can’t convince her to wear anything BUT.  Sometimes, she’ll wear a skirt, but that’s pretty rare.  she also has shoes that she only wears with specific outfits (like one pair is only for when she goes swimming).  sigh.  it’s annoying to get her dressed, but REALLY cute to see that she has such a strong personality already.

-c can play by herself.  oh man this one is HUGE for me since it’s hard being a working mom!  c will play/color by herself while i get dinner ready after school or get ready for work in the morning.  it is SOOO stinking nice to have a child who is independent.

-c is SUCH a good listener these days.  her 2 yr old preschool class prepped her for the 3 yr old class by explaining the behavior of an unni (big sister).  they really stressed what an unni would act like and so if you differentiate baby and unni she REALLY gets it.  she has been into receiving a lot of positive feedback/praise so that has been a new parenting saving grace.  it’s so much easier than bribing or reasoning with a toddler that doesn’t understand what’s going on.

-c and lucy are still…frenemies.  c tries to “gently” pet lucy and sometimes it really is nice.  other times she’s super rough (without meaning to be) and lucy snaps at her.  c thinks she can play with L like a friend or a human~ but L is like 6lbs and is a lot more gentle like a baby.  L hates being around c unless she has food or our family is in c’s room (with a/c on a hot summer day).  i think maybe in a couple more years they will finally be friends.  lol

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