Summer + 10 Years

Hello friends. I am alive and well. I know that since this blog was rebooted I haven’t been updating as regularly. That is because…Well…life! Every day of the work week I’m just trying to get to bedtime. After bedtime I try to clean a little, rest, and talk to my main man.

This last year I have felt myself stretched thin, yet I’m not sure why. My job is way better (and less stressful), c is older and easier, mike is traveling less… *shrug*. I guess it is just one of those busy seasons.

Anyway, just wanted to pop on here and tell you I am alive and well. Just enjoying my life more and spending it with my friends and family. I owe you guys a hundred updates about life, milestones, cool tips, holidays, vacations and more.

But for today…here is one special milestone… Mike and I have been together for T E N years. Crazy. This decade was short and long at the same time. I can’t believe it flew by, but I do feel different. I feel older and wiser. I feel like Mike and I learned to be adults together as we built careers/family. And I feel like our relationship and love has really deepened and matured. Our conversations are more weighted, we plan for serious milestones/life changes, and I’m happy to say we really have made an effort to always care for and respect the other person. I could go on about the details but I think through and through, I got really lucky.

I am going to make a bigger effort to update more regularly. Perhaps just short quickie posts instead of long planned ones?

Anyway, happy Tuesday. I can’t believe the summer is coming to an end. Sigh. So not ready for school to start again!


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