September Round-Up

this month went by SO RIDICULOUSLY fast.  work was so busy (prepping for the school year) and i didn’t take as many pictures as i probably should have…

But here are some fun moments from September.

LUCY’S 5th Birthday!!!!  I can’t even believe that much time has passed since we adopted our little baby love.

 c’s slowly getting better at ballet~ it’s been awesome seeing her grow and learn new skills. <3

we showed this mama below (in orange) with a dessert shower for her baby boyyyyy.  so so excited.

c’s violin and taekwondo lessons are going strong.  they are sooooooo cute and i love that she’s growing and learning so much at preschool!  september was filled with playdates but of course… i hella forgot to record them.  here’s one sweet picture of her and one of her oldest friends.

c looks fun and adorable in this pic below but man almighty… is this new age HARD.  she has a mind of her own, she’s very opinionated, she’s emotional, she’s still so little… and it’s just a crazy and insane time.  i have never wanted to rip my hair out or give her tons of kisses all at the same time.  sigh.  let’s just hope this is a shorrrrrt phase.

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