Safer at Home Quarantine

Is anyone else going completely nutso during this “safer at home” order? I am normally a home body, I LOVE my family, and I have always wanted to work from home full-time. What is NOT to love right now, right?


Turns out…I need AMPLE amounts of alone time. I didn’t realize it but I do. I need time to listen to podcast, be grumpy in the car from lack of sleep/long day, I need time to THINK, and…overall…I need time to zone the fuck out if I want to. But being home in a small two bed/two bath just does not allow for it.

AND I normally enjoy doing a few worksheets with charlotte a few times a week at home/on the weekends…but being her ONLY teacher and somehow figuring out a schedule for her EVERY WAKING HOUR is effing exhausting.

Week One I put in a concerted effort to keep Charlotte away from the TV and be as great of a teacher as possible. Week 2? It is like Lord of the Flies over here. Sigh.

Oh well…things could be worse right? I’m incredibly grateful our whole family is together, we’re not sick, mike and I have our jobs, we have a place to live and food to eat, and the means to quickly buy 100 obnoxious toys to keep charlotte busy for a disappointing 15 minutes each day.

Being home 24/7 makes me literally want to throw everything away so that we have more room to co-exist together. Why did I think I need wine/champagne/cocktail/water glasses for like 16 people at a time? Do I legit have 20 pairs of black leggings?? Why do I have so many dress pants when I never wear anything except leggings? why do i have RACKS of jewelry when i never wear ANY jewelry ever? gah… the surprising list of things and judgements of how I live my life go on and on…

meeeybe i’ll figure something out and declutter? unfortunately, when i’m not trying to hide from my kids, i’m usually zoned out watching hours of tiktok videos on my phone. soooo i’m kinda too busy to declutter at the moment. we’ll see how I feel by may 1st when all I’ve worn are pajamas and showering two times a week is a gift.

also…I wanna know who the hell is gaining tons of weight while they’re at home right now? with two kids and working full-time i’m freaking LUCKY if I get to stuff my face once from 6am to 4pm. everytime I try to even LOOK at a cookie, both my kids start whining at the same time. RAWR.

Anyway…i’m alive folks. as sarcastic as my post is… I truly am grateful for our health and safety during this time. I’m incredibly anxious and stressed about the next 1 year, I’m super sad about missing my daughter’s first birthday celebration, my daughter’s 5th birthday party with friends, my daughter’s first Easter photo with the Easter Bunny… etc etc. sigh.

stay safe and healthy friends! xo

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