Rainbow baby with the Rainbow Eyes

It has been embarassingly MONTHS since my last post.  Between morning sickness, the early (surprise) birth of our baby, and just the newborn/maternity phase of my life…this blog has been on hiatus.

My little one (Dylan) has just turned 4 months and I am seriously JUST starting to feel like a person.  I have no idea how other moms of multiples do it…but this ish is SO HARD.  I love my babies but I’m dying for some extra hands (and boobs) to help during night feedings or a four year old toddler who loves sleeping 12 hours a night in her own bed.  LOL  sigh.  But since that isn’t our reality…I’m going to be grateful for the life we have now and all the wonderful nuances of this new family of four life.

I’ll have to do more posts on the birth story and our first few months at home…but I just wanted to pop on here, say “hi” and tell you all that I’m still alive.  I am definitely not sleeping~ but man I do love this stage of life.  Little newborn arms/thighs, breaths, cries…I love it all.  So much so I told mike I wanted a third when Dylan was only 5 weeks old.  LOL  Stay tuned if THAT ever happens tho…


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