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Rainbow After the Rain

cheezy title huh? but it’s true. after almost two years of trying and some sad bumps in the road… i am finally pregnant with our rainbow baby. 🙂 it took chlomid, ovidrel, progesterone, thyroid medication, baby aspirin, prenatals and folgard to make this dream come true. i’m 7.5 months and i have about 9 weeks left to go. insane.

the first 6 months i literally could not stop throwing up or feeling sick. then there were two weeks in february where i had 100% energy and felt on top of the world… and now i’m so sleepy i can’t stay up past 10pm. sigh.

all in all though, i’m in good spirits. my nose has tripled in size and i’m larger at 7.5 months with this baby than i was when i went into labor with charlotte (awesome). but every painful kick/twist/punch in the belly is worth the discomfort.

just wanted to pop back on here to let ya’ll know why i’ve been MIA for the last 5 months. mayyyyybe i’ll do a quick recap of those 5 months? or i would just recommend following my insta~ cuz that thing gets updated more than my blog these days. sorry friends.

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