August Round-up part I

i can’t believe it’s august.  i had a huge list of things i wanted to do with our family this summer and well…i probably only tackled about 1/3 (if that).  sigh.  oh well.  school is starting at the end of sept for me and i am NOT ready.  i have this antsy travel bug inside of me and i seriously want to take an international trip somewhere and a staycation on the coast of CA.

since i haven’t been updating each event/weekend regularly, i thought it would be easier to do a bi-monthly or monthly round-up!

C moved classrooms this month~ from the 2 year old (rabbit) class to the 3 year old (squirrel) class.  she was SOOOO excited to move to this new teacher.  it was really nice to have her transition without any tears.  she’s in a class with both new and old friends, i’m excited to see her grow and change this year.  i can already see a difference in the curriculum and her behavior!

C’s also going to start violin and tae kwon do in september (while at school).  i’m so so excited!  it’s going to seriously be the most adorrrrable thing evahhh.  my brother tuned her violin for her and she was so excited to start playing it!

the other pics below are just some fun times with c.  took her to see lady and the tramp at the wiltern, took her to san diego for a day with my small group, and had a little dinner date with her one day after school before mygym.  c is growing SO stinking fast that i can’t even capture it all.   xo

for the month of august we bought a mygym membership to test out if c was ready for gymnastics.  she has always been really psychically active and strong so we thought it would be the perfect fitness activity for her.  i have to say…i have REALLY REALLY loved this time for her.  she is learning new physical skills and learning how to follow directions in a non-school setting.  we joined the one in koreatown (they give you a special deal if it’s your first month!).  i highly recommend it if you have little ones.

this month we’ve also been spending lots of time with my brother and friends.  c has reached this really beautiful age where she can sit at dinner and watch a movie or color quietly.  took three years, but we’re finally here!!  haha  with mike’s late nights at work to spontaneous work travel schedule~ it’s been really cool to spend so much one-on-one time with C and my friends.  i feel sooo sooo lucky that the friends and community around me love on her so.

**those bomb tacos are from Oscars Seafood in San Diego.  if you haven’t tried them yet… PLEASE RUN.  you are missing out.  i love the fish and shrimp tacos the best.**

this is just a quick roundup of the month so far.  the next two weeks we have a lot of fun plans and playdates ahead so i’ll update again then. 😀

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