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C’s Third Birthday: Disneyland

This was a hard year for our family with all of my pregnancy losses and a focus to get better.  The idea of throwing a huge party for C was just too much, but I wanted to find a way to make her feel EXTRA special and loved for this big day.  SOOO I planned a three day celebration for our three year old girl. <3  I planned three days of fun with little presents on each day to make the three days EXTRA EXTRA special and wonderful for this big 3 year old bday.  ANDDD to maybe even put my mind at ease so that C didn’t miss out on a traditional 3rd birthday.

Day 1 

On Saturday morning, C woke up to a blueberry muffin + candle and 3 presents.  Two from my friends and 1 from me and Mike.  Our present to C was a very special Elsa Dress + Shoes to wear to Disneyland!

Day 1 at DL.  We checked into our hotel in the morning and then walked over to the park.  Mike got an insane deal at a small hotel across the street that was less than $100 for the night!

The first day at DL was just our little fam.  It was a miserably hot day, but one that our family really got to enjoy.  We tackled everything that C loved to do, tried out a few new rides, and took the day slowly.  Since this was the last weekend that C was free (before 3), we really treasured the weekend.


We invited two families to come join us on our weekend who had passes and little ones.  It was truly the best and perfect way to end our days at DL and the weekend.  I packed these cute little treat bags for the girls that were coming to DL to celebrate C’s big day!  Each little girl got a doll, disney themed clothing/gifts, and snacks for the day.

Photos from the Day~



The night before I made Mike and my brother help me blow up and decorate the house.  They were NOT pleased by hearing me bark orders at like midnight when they were trying to sleep.  LOLL oopsies.  In the morning I prepped blueberry waffles and for dinner I bought a feast of delicious Korean food.  Mike even made a special Seaweed Birthday Soup for C!

How cute is this little frame the school made for C???


If you are interested in having a bday celebration at Disneyland OR if you want some tips on how to go with little ones, let me know!! xoxo  This birthday seriously went down in History.  C asks all the time when we’ll beg going back and if she can wear her elsa dress there.  hehehe  Next year baby girl… next year… 🙂

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