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    Halloween Costume Ideas

    Halloween is one of my faaaaavorite holidays and having a little one has really multiplied my love for it.  This will be C’s 4th halloween holiday, but like her 20th-24th costume photo opt because… well i’m her mom.  lol. here are some fun ideas of what we’ve done in the past.  i’m not sure what we’ll do this upcoming year, but i know that for trick or treating c is going to be ariel.  before then, i hope our family can dress up as something cute like robbers, some cartoon family, etc.  

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    Hawaii 2018

    oh my…this last trip to hawaii was different than my previous trips since we went with friends!  two families came to hawaii with their little ones and we stayed at the Hawaiian Hilton Village Hotel thursday to sunday.  it was a trip for the books and i have to say, a REALLY fun way to vacay! c and i got to hawaii about 1 week before everyone else to hang out with my parents.  c only gets to see them once (mayyyybe twice) a year, so i wanted to make sure we had as much family time as possible.  my parents also managed to squeeze 1 year of spoiling into…

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    Easter 2018 celebrations, crafts and pictures

    oh my, i mayyyyy have gone a little crazy and overplanned this holiday.  LOL  BUTTT what else is new right?  c went on three Easter Egg hunts, made lots of cupcakes, dyed eggs twice, and had the TIME OF HER LIFE this year.  i love her age right now where everything is SO COOL and she jumps up and down and says ‘I SO EXCITED UMMA!!” *heart melting* i’m trying to soak up every second of this sweet age.  i wish she would stay this little and sassy forever! Easter Egg Hunt with the Besties <3 Easter in El Segundo.  This was the closest C would get to an Easter…

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    Easter Basket Ideas

    This year I bought WAYYYY too many things to put in C’s Easter Basket.  The first year I made her a basket she was under 1 year, so I only put stuffed animals, small toys, and little things she could play with.  The second Easter basket I made her, I added eggs with little treats (goldfish crackers & annie’s gummies), as well as toys like Play Doh.  The Play Doh was a HUGE hit.  Now that C is almost 3, I’ve added some sweet treats and a ton more toys that she can enjoy and play with. xo Here are some Easter basket ideas for your little ones this year!…

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    Easter Crafts & Baking for Kids

    I LOVE a good holiday.  Big or small, I love theme parties, gift bags, and table settings.  (although i hate decorating my home so i just like to look at pictures of table settings…) This year, Charlotte will be almost 3 when Easter rolls around and I am SOOO excited to share the real reason for Easter (Jesus’ resurrection) and also give her ten thousand Easter baskets and eggs.  LOL  a bit much?  Maybe just 4 baskets and 100 eggs then.  hieeeeee.  I’ll do another post on Easter Egg Basket Ideas (b/c I obsess over it).  ;P Last year we did a sad Easter egg hunt in our apartment complex’s courtyard. …