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    Must Read for Parents: Protect your Child from Sexual Abuse

    oh my.  i hate to bring this topic up and make you a more paranoid parent… but if you’re anything like me, I WANT TO KNOW.  i want to know what to be cautious of, what to look out for, and how to best equip my baby so that she knows what is OK and what is CERTAINLY NOT OK. (Click here for the article) you may not agree with everything here, but i do think it’s important to be aware and be in the know of what surrounds our kids today.

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    Untangling Overparenting

    i recently listened to this podcast episode (found here) called untangling overparenting by christine and asha on the edit your life podcast.  it was really good and helped to untangle some societal pressures and reasons why overparenting or helicopter parenting is the new norm. the few things that really stuck out to me from the podcast were: parents are now older, more educated, have careers before kids, and are having fewer children. parents treat raising kids like milestones or “report cards” in parenting. two negative things that can happen to kids who are overparented are: it stunts their internal motivation and ability to achieve tasks, and they lie to their…

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    Pregnancy Loss at 18 Weeks & at 6 weeks

    i’ve thought a lot about whether to share this post.  in the end, I think this time was so hard for me that perhaps if someone else was going through the same tragic loss…they could find some comfort in reading about my journey and my two pregnancy losses this past year. Loss #1 (the abridged version) i conceived in July 2017 and had a normal pregnancy.  i was super sick with nausea (typical) and everything went really smoothly until my 17.5 week appointment.  my blood work up until then had been fine, ultrasounds were good and my first trimester screen went perfectly. at 17.5 weeks (Nov 7, 2017), i went…