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Covid + 2020

Oh Lord, this has been a YEAR. I have been incredibly absent from this blog space because…life has been hard. Mike and I work full-time and we live in a small space, our girls have been in and out of school (Covid-19), Charlotte started Kindergarten online, and we are trying super hard not to be around people or go outside. sigh.

I would say around mid-March to mid-May I was at my breaking point of stress, anxiety and fear over covid. Over the summer it felt like we could all breathe a little and go to parks for the kids to run around. But now, with all the surging cases in California (the new epicenter)…I’m back to feeling incredibly anxious and worried.

However, despite all the intense moments, this year has also been pretty amazing. We have never spent this much time alone as a family~ which I love. The girls are so little and I love that we are together 24/7~ even sleeping in the same tiny bunk bed together. Dylan and Charlotte have been forming the most beautiful relationship (when they aren’t fighting over toys).

I know there is so much pain and heartache in the world right now. I haven’t felt very motivated to write or blog about cute and fun things. I’ve just been thanking God day by day that Mike and I still have our jobs and we have been safe from Covid-19.

If you’ve been hurt or affected this year, I am so sorry. Please let me know how I can pray for you and your family.


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