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2021 Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but I love the fresh start feeling of the new year. I realize you can start a “new year” or resolutions at any other time, but it’s after the holidays + Korean New Year + I’m coming out of a long holiday break… the stars all align to making me feel like starting the year with a new start and perspective.

This year I only have two very simple resolutions…

  1. ME ME ME
    An influencer on instagram posted this and I completely agree. This has been such a draining year for everyone. Having two small children + zoom Kindergarten + working full-time + the stress/anxiety of covid… UGH. I’m done.
    Since I was pregnant with Charlotte in 2014, I have literally never taken time to really focus on me (mentally, physically, spirtually, etc). I have literally poured my ENTIRE self into my family and work. I need to give myself time to read books, work out, take care of some postpartum issues, groom myself, take care of my carpel tunnel and remember who I am outside of kids. I need to fill my own cup so that I have the energy and emotional bandwidth to give to those around me.
  2. God
    Before I had kids, I took so much time to focus on my spiritual life and read the Bible. I honestly do not remember the last time I sat and read a passage. It is THAT BAD people. I do not have any verses memorized and feel so disconnected. At age 5, Mike and I both knew SO MUCH MORE about the Bible than Charlotte knows. It’s embarrassing. This year I really want to focus on rebuilding my spiritual life and making sure that my little ones are raised with the word. This is not the kind of mom I imagined myself being…I was pretty shocked when I came to the realization that Charlotte barely knows anything about the Bible. sigh.

Andd… that’s it! Those are my only two goals for this year. Should be easy right? I always have a list of 5-10 resolutions and I’m lucky if I even achieve 1 of those. This year I’m hoping that by keeping it minimal and just the basics, I’ll actually be able to achieve them.

2020 taught me to slow down and really enjoy the things around me. Not take the small things for granted (including myself and my faith). I’m hopeful for 2021 and re-emerging into the world post-covid.

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