Rose Water Toner

Rose water, rose oil~ it’s all the rage these days.  This past winter my skin has been extra dry, so I’ve been doing my best to moisturize and layer my skin with extra products.  I’ve been trying these two products out above and I have to say…these seem pretty darn similar.  The Trader Joe’s facial toner is $5 and is really light and watery on the skin.  It feels like the best toner to spray on your face throughout the day when you need a refresh or when you need a little bit of hydration.  The Mario Badescu spray is $14 on amazon (click here) and it’s a bit thicker and I like the scent more.  There are a lot more ingredients to the MB toner, which make it more ideal after you wash your face.  For both toners I spray my entire face, neck and decollete area.  Then I gently pat it into my skin and wait until it dries before continuing with the rest of my skincare regime.

I’m happy I got to try both toners.  If you only wanted to buy one, I’d recommend the Mario Badescu spray.  Although it is more expensive, the bottle is double the size and has a lot more healing/soothing properties for your face.  I also imagine in the summer when it’s hot and sticky, this spray will feel SUPER nice (if kept in the fridge) after a long day in the sun with my little C.


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