IT Bye Bye Foundation vs L’Oreal Infallible Foundation

i know cc and bb creams are in these days, but i love a good full coverage foundation.  i want flawless skin in a bottle to mask my tired, toddler mom face.  i don’t want to use multiple products to hide blemishes~ i just want one quick and easy product.

i love this L’Oreal Infallible foundation b/c of the full, long lasting coverage AND the fact that it’s matte.  i get oily throughout the day, which changes the color of foundation.  Since this formula is matte, the color doesn’t change and i don’t get greasy.  since i loved this drug store formula so much, i wanted to try the IT Bye Bye foundation ($30+) which i’ve heard really good things about.  it seemed like a more intense full coverage formula and something that would make my skin look more flawless.

i have to say…i’m not thrilled with the IT foundation.  the coverage is nearly the same (i actually like the L’Oreal version more) and the IT formula isn’t matte~ it gives you a glowing appearance.  i think that for those that like the dewy look, IT might be better.  i’m about halfway through the IT foundation and i only use it on days that i’m not going to work or church (sooo basically saturdays).  needless to say, i’ll be sticking to the L’Oreal drugstore version ($11).  for those who like the glow but don’t want to pay $30+ for foundation, i recommend the L’Oreal Pro-Glow formula for the dewy look.

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