Biolage Fail

i haven’t colored my hair in like 5 years.  all my girlfriends were getting new cuts and colors for spring and i was itching for a change.  i bought a groupon and went to a salon on beverly hills.  my friend had gone before so it was a trusted recommendation.  i showed the colorist a bunch of pictures of what i wanted (see below).  i asked for white/ashe blonde.  the lighter the better.

from my first trip, the color came out different.  i don’t know if you can see it, but the left side is darker than the right.  the color wasn’t coming out while i was in the salon so they put the heater fan thing on the darker side.  when it was time to wash and style, i assumed the color had fixed itself.  but sadly after a few washes, it was pretty apparent that the colors were different.

i quickly texted the colorist since i didn’t want too much time to pass and he was able to see me again the following sunday.  here are the pictures below from that visit.  he colored just the right side (that was darker), stripped the color and then put in a toner.  the result was much darker and for sure not the color i wanted.  boo.  the colorist was INCREDIBLY nice and offered to fix it again if i went home and didn’t like it.  however…pass.  i don’t think it’s worth coloring my hair a third time.  >.<

i do love having colored hair right now.  it feels fresh for spring.  i think next time i’ll try someone who is used to thick asian hair like mine.

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