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    Easter 2018 celebrations, crafts and pictures

    oh my, i mayyyyy have gone a little crazy and overplanned this holiday.  LOL  BUTTT what else is new right?  c went on three Easter Egg hunts, made lots of cupcakes, dyed eggs twice, and had the TIME OF HER LIFE this year.  i love her age right now where everything is SO COOL and she jumps up and down and says ‘I SO EXCITED UMMA!!” *heart melting* i’m trying to soak up every second of this sweet age.  i wish she would stay this little and sassy forever! Easter Egg Hunt with the Besties <3 Easter in El Segundo.  This was the closest C would get to an Easter…

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    Drugstore Skin Products Review

    Recently I decided to change out some of my beauty products for new ones to see if it’ll refresh my tired and dull skin.  I’ve been using these four products from target for about two weeks now and here are my thoughts below: Pixi Glow Tonic -the smell of this tonic is blah.  but it feels nice going on my skin.  feels like a normal toner and i’m hoping all of the “glow” properties are working.  not sure if i would buy this one again but it’s nice knowing my skin is getting exfoliated. Botanics Triple Age Renewal Day Cream SPF 15 -this formula is thick and sticky (probably because…

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    Screen Time for Toddlers

    oh my…this one is such a hard topic.  before having c i could have SWORN to everyone that i would never show c tv until she was like 5.  then motherhood hit and well…she saw screens at 1.5 years old and prob watches WAYYY more than she should each week. here are two articles that i wanted to share with ya’ll.  one of my own journey that i wrote for momsla and one that helps me feel better about showing C screens.  lol Article 1: Babies and Toddlers: The Definitive Answers to Screen-Time Questions Article 2: Screen Time for Toddlers

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    Biolage Fail

    i haven’t colored my hair in like 5 years.  all my girlfriends were getting new cuts and colors for spring and i was itching for a change.  i bought a groupon and went to a salon on beverly hills.  my friend had gone before so it was a trusted recommendation.  i showed the colorist a bunch of pictures of what i wanted (see below).  i asked for white/ashe blonde.  the lighter the better. from my first trip, the color came out different.  i don’t know if you can see it, but the left side is darker than the right.  the color wasn’t coming out while i was in the salon…

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    Pregnancy Loss at 18 Weeks & at 6 weeks

    i’ve thought a lot about whether to share this post.  in the end, I think this time was so hard for me that perhaps if someone else was going through the same tragic loss…they could find some comfort in reading about my journey and my two pregnancy losses this past year. Loss #1 (the abridged version) i conceived in July 2017 and had a normal pregnancy.  i was super sick with nausea (typical) and everything went really smoothly until my 17.5 week appointment.  my blood work up until then had been fine, ultrasounds were good and my first trimester screen went perfectly. at 17.5 weeks (Nov 7, 2017), i went…

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    The Best Dry Shampoo for Busy Moms

    Oh LORD, I have been through my fair share of dry shampoos and thought that this product was just not for me.  It either was super flaky and made my hair flat OR it was for dark hair and left a dark brown/black residue on everything my head touched.  GROSS. With Mike’s travel schedule, our life schedule and just going through 1.5 years of baby/no baby drama I needed to change my morning routine up.  I decided to try one more dry shampoo.  That’s when I discovered Dove Dry Shampoo + Volume (link to a 3-pack here).  It not only absorbs the oil but it gives my roots texture (volume)…

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    Easter Basket Ideas

    This year I bought WAYYYY too many things to put in C’s Easter Basket.  The first year I made her a basket she was under 1 year, so I only put stuffed animals, small toys, and little things she could play with.  The second Easter basket I made her, I added eggs with little treats (goldfish crackers & annie’s gummies), as well as toys like Play Doh.  The Play Doh was a HUGE hit.  Now that C is almost 3, I’ve added some sweet treats and a ton more toys that she can enjoy and play with. xo Here are some Easter basket ideas for your little ones this year!…

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    Rose Water Toner

    Rose water, rose oil~ it’s all the rage these days.  This past winter my skin has been extra dry, so I’ve been doing my best to moisturize and layer my skin with extra products.  I’ve been trying these two products out above and I have to say…these seem pretty darn similar.  The Trader Joe’s facial toner is $5 and is really light and watery on the skin.  It feels like the best toner to spray on your face throughout the day when you need a refresh or when you need a little bit of hydration.  The Mario Badescu spray is $14 on amazon (click here) and it’s a bit thicker…

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    Easter Crafts & Baking for Kids

    I LOVE a good holiday.  Big or small, I love theme parties, gift bags, and table settings.  (although i hate decorating my home so i just like to look at pictures of table settings…) This year, Charlotte will be almost 3 when Easter rolls around and I am SOOO excited to share the real reason for Easter (Jesus’ resurrection) and also give her ten thousand Easter baskets and eggs.  LOL  a bit much?  Maybe just 4 baskets and 100 eggs then.  hieeeeee.  I’ll do another post on Easter Egg Basket Ideas (b/c I obsess over it).  ;P Last year we did a sad Easter egg hunt in our apartment complex’s courtyard. …

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    9 Empowering Books for Girls

    In honor of International Women’s Day, here are 9 books that were written for Girls.  To empower them, support them, and send the clear message that different is good.  I hope to always champion for Charlotte, empower her with words/acts of encouragement, inspire her to be great, and give her every opportunity we can afford.  I would be proud of her no matter her journey, occupation, body image, etc.  I just want her to be confident, happy, and strong in her faith.  xoxo  I am so grateful that Charlotte and the little girls of this world will be growing up in a culture where women are taking a stand, respecting…