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    Dalgona Coffee

    Have you tried the new Dalgona Coffee trend?? Dalgona Coffee is the new internet/tiktok sensation coffee drink. You use equal parts instant black coffee, sugar, and hot water (2tbsp recommended). Then you whisk until it’s SUPER thick like whipped cream. You can pour the dalgona coffee mix over your choice of milk (Oat Milk has been a popular choice). Here is what it is supposed to look like below, along with a recipe from AZCenteral. Some other cool idea spin offs from the Dalgona Coffee are the Matcha Dalgona Latte and the Thai Tea Dalgona Coffee! Here are the recipes below~ If you’re going stir crazy at home just like…

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    Easter Crafts for Kids

    Well…in true Esther fashion this post is LATE, LATE LATE. This last Easter was strange since we were still under quarantine and could not see any of our friends and family. No big Easter Egg hunt, no Easter Sunday Service, Easter Family Dinner, No Easter Bunny Photos (srsly so devastated)…nothing. Sugar Cookies to hand out to our neighbors. Um…these came out TERRIBLY. I do not know to cook or bake. I tried a cookie AFTER we handed them all out and they were ROCK HARD. Like I legit couldn’t even bite into it. *eye roll* We mailed out these little bunnies and Charlotte was SOOO excited and happy to pick…

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    Palm Sunday Activities for Kids

    As we’re all quarantined at home, I was thinking about the best way to teach my girls about Palm Sunday. I found a few youtube children’s videos that are a fun way to explain the spcieal story, and a few crafts to reinforce the story on pinterest. Just in case you’re interested in doing the same, here are some resources I found! xo Happy Palm Sunday Friends! YouTube Video Suggestions: Here are a few fun crafts to help reinforce Palm Sunday and what is to come this week: Hosana Wave Branchers Palm Sunday Word Search Palm Sunday Coloring Pages Holy Week Timeline

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    Safer at Home Quarantine

    Is anyone else going completely nutso during this “safer at home” order? I am normally a home body, I LOVE my family, and I have always wanted to work from home full-time. What is NOT to love right now, right? WRONG. Turns out…I need AMPLE amounts of alone time. I didn’t realize it but I do. I need time to listen to podcast, be grumpy in the car from lack of sleep/long day, I need time to THINK, and…overall…I need time to zone the fuck out if I want to. But being home in a small two bed/two bath just does not allow for it. AND I normally enjoy doing…