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    How I Mari-Kondo’d My Life

    have you read “the life-changing magic of tyding up” yet??  if not… you’re seriously missing out.  it has COMPLETELY changed my life and continues to change my life.  the author, marie kondo, is a bit extreme in the way she cleans, believes in cleaning, and treats objects.  that being said…her quirky perspective really helps you to view your objects and home through a completely different lens. before book: i’m pretty ocd clean (but can leave the house cluttered/messy).  i keep things for “someday” and have a hard time throwing things away that i can’t get back again (photos, memories, gifts ppl gave but i never use, etc).  before c, i…

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    Physical Learning for Toddlers & Kids

    i don’t know about you, buttt i love looking up learning and physical milestones that babies/toddlers/kids should be reaching.  it helps me know if c is on track and what the next step is so that mike and i can support/nurture it.  that sounds cray i know~ mike always gives me side eye when i bring it up.  lol  i feel like it’s my job as a parent to make sure she is growing and thriving right?  she doesn’t have to be doing what 5 years olds do, but i want her to be able to achieve average 2/3 year old milestones.  reading these charts/articles also helps me know what…

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    Untangling Overparenting

    i recently listened to this podcast episode (found here) called untangling overparenting by christine and asha on the edit your life podcast.  it was really good and helped to untangle some societal pressures and reasons why overparenting or helicopter parenting is the new norm. the few things that really stuck out to me from the podcast were: parents are now older, more educated, have careers before kids, and are having fewer children. parents treat raising kids like milestones or “report cards” in parenting. two negative things that can happen to kids who are overparented are: it stunts their internal motivation and ability to achieve tasks, and they lie to their…

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    Gardening with Toddlers

    i recently read that at c’s age (almost 3), the best activities are gardening, cooking, exploring the outdoors.  sooo…that’s what we’ve been doing!  we go on these epic walks in the evening as a family~ we started baking and making our own pizzas at home~ and this last weekend we tried city gardening.  and by that i mean…herbs.  we have a small apartment and i do not have a green thumb~ so we started off with something easy: planting herb seeds and replanting a lima bean plant she made at school. c loved every single aspect of this project.  i could see why!  it was so fun for her to…

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    Easter 2018 celebrations, crafts and pictures

    oh my, i mayyyyy have gone a little crazy and overplanned this holiday.  LOL  BUTTT what else is new right?  c went on three Easter Egg hunts, made lots of cupcakes, dyed eggs twice, and had the TIME OF HER LIFE this year.  i love her age right now where everything is SO COOL and she jumps up and down and says ‘I SO EXCITED UMMA!!” *heart melting* i’m trying to soak up every second of this sweet age.  i wish she would stay this little and sassy forever! Easter Egg Hunt with the Besties <3 Easter in El Segundo.  This was the closest C would get to an Easter…

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    Drugstore Skin Products Review

    Recently I decided to change out some of my beauty products for new ones to see if it’ll refresh my tired and dull skin.  I’ve been using these four products from target for about two weeks now and here are my thoughts below: Pixi Glow Tonic -the smell of this tonic is blah.  but it feels nice going on my skin.  feels like a normal toner and i’m hoping all of the “glow” properties are working.  not sure if i would buy this one again but it’s nice knowing my skin is getting exfoliated. Botanics Triple Age Renewal Day Cream SPF 15 -this formula is thick and sticky (probably because…

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    Screen Time for Toddlers

    oh my…this one is such a hard topic.  before having c i could have SWORN to everyone that i would never show c tv until she was like 5.  then motherhood hit and well…she saw screens at 1.5 years old and prob watches WAYYY more than she should each week. here are two articles that i wanted to share with ya’ll.  one of my own journey that i wrote for momsla and one that helps me feel better about showing C screens.  lol Article 1: Babies and Toddlers: The Definitive Answers to Screen-Time Questions Article 2: Screen Time for Toddlers