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My Work Makeup Routine

I am fairly obsessed with makeup.  I’ve gone through eye shadow phases, lipstick phases and blush phases.  Now in my late 20s, I’ve finally figured out a makeup regime that works for me.  After watching a million youtube videos and seeing hundreds of girls applying makeup~ I find that no matter what~ I still have…

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Gangnam Style

Sound familiar?  Have you been hearing it on the radio, news stations and E! news?  Well, I was most pleasantly surprised to see that Psy made a guest appearance on Ellen and danced with her and Britney Spears!!  I LOVE how Korean Pop Music has made its way into mainstream America. If you’ve been living…

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Gorgeous, Classic Makeup for Weddings and Special Ocassions

Normally, I stick to a routine in my makeup that consists of pink blushes and lipsticks, bronzer, brown eye shadows..etc.  After watching a bunch of makeup tutorials like Hollyannaeree, HRH Collection, and FrmHeadtoToe) I tried a bunch of new colors and makeup styles.  These didn’t look awesome all the time, but it was nice trying…

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Makeup Tutorial By Hollyannaeree: Butterfly Party

I’ve never thought to do this with eyeliner or shadow~ such a great way to make your eyes pop for spring/summer 2012!

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Glam Makeup Tutorial: Jen from Headtotoe

I LOVE this makeup tutorial.  I’m obsessed with watching how other girls do their hair/makeup lately and this was one video that taught me a lot about how to really think outside the box.  I rarely change up my makeup and always stick to the same colors.  The way that Jen explains the makeup and…

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