Pororo Park in Seoul, South Korea

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if heaven were created by a 2 year old, it would be pororo park.  i mean, man oh man, this place was like a total wonderland for c.  there are 7 main characters and they each have a home/play area inside of the park.  there’s a small bouncy castle, a carousel, a ball pit, pourer’s house, bumper cars, train, ferris wheel ride, pororo show, cafe, gift shop, small wooden cube pit, baby room and SO MUCH MORE.  honestly there were so many little areas for c to run around in and the part that was super fun for her was that each room was completely different.  her favorite areas were the ball pit, the bouncy castle, and the ferris wheel.  img_8677img_8680

c’s first ride and she LOVED it!img_8675 img_8656 img_8638 img_8620

meeting her HEROO for the first time!!!  unfortunately she HATES to be touched so after this picture, c ran away screaming “no touch! no touch!!” and stayed away from him the entire rest of the visit.  LOL

got a little bouncy ball from here (in her left hand) and she held it in her hand the entire way home so that daddy could see it.  it was the sweeeetest thing in the whole world.  she also took a bite out of it in the cab ride home… >.<  hm… img_8661
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i’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to climb that thing…but c was all up in there.img_8608 img_4141

this show literally blew c’s mind away.  i’ve never seen her so focused and so happy.  she danced the entire time and jumped up and down like a true fan. ^^

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this car ride cost like 50 cents per ride and I swear I would have paid like $5 a ride for c.  she literally had SOOOOO much fun exploring this park and seeing every single room, toy, figure, play area in the park.  if you have a toddler, i seriously recommend coming here!

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at the very end, there was a gift shop (brilliant).  c wouldn’t have known if we bypassed it, but she had SOOOO much fun that i wanted to end the day with a special gift.  a little symbol of the first amusement park c has every been to.  there were SO MANY toys and different show characters~ pororo, tayo, hello kitty, etc.  i pointed out huge toys for c, stuffed animals, dolls, kitchen sets… but the one and only thing c wanted was this small box of cars.  i even pointed out all the other huge cars and boxes with MORE cars~ but NOPE.  this small box of three cars was all my little one wanted.   img_4158img_8587 img_8596 img_8703 img_8614 img_8700

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