Lake Arrowhead & Lake Gregory

a few weeks ago our family + many of mike’s friends went to Lake Arrowhead to celebrate his very belated 31st birthday.  this was my first time to arrowhead (i think) and bringing c along i wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  (if you don’t already know, i’m not a huge fan of the ‘outside’.)

but this trip to arrowhead was AMAZING.  not only did c LOVE being outdoors, but it felt awesome to spend the weekend with mike’s friends trying new things.  i was worried about how c would adapt to all the changes but she was a total champion~ i mean what kid doesn’t love staying up late and eating cake every night right?

there were so many restaurants and places for kids & dogs in arrowhead.  the little town had playgrounds, patio areas for our whole group, water bowls for dogs, and so much more.

one of the main activities we did was visit lake gregory.  if you are not a member of lake arrowhead association, you can’t use the lake.  (it’s very fancy about that) so we drove 20 minutes to lake gregory and had SUCH a ball.  there are plenty of places for you to pop a squat.  so many groups/families bring canopies, lawn chairs, coolers, and lake toys.  if you don’t have any of those, that’s totally fine.  there are picnic tables strewn all over the lake where you and your party can hang.  with so many people we grabbed two picnic tables and rented some equipment at the lake like this lawn board below and a canoe.  there are TONS of families and kids all over so it’s the perfect place to bring your family and spend the day.

after this trip i realized that i needed to take c outdoors more and let her really enjoy nature.  when i was growing up in sacramento we went camping every year and rafted down the sacramento river often.  i guess it’s time for me to buy a huge sun hat and water shoes so i can be one with nature every summer.  lol  from what i saw at lake gregory, i’m guessing c will be just as adventurous as her dad. ^^

if you’re looking for a place to take your little ones this summer or for labor day weekend, i highly recommend lake arrowhead and lake gregory.  SUCH a fun place for families and fur friends!

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