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colbie cailat Try music video

so beautiful and powerful.  colbie cailllat’s “try” video is chillingly beautiful.  i love the different women she chose to sing and how they take off their makeup and hair.  very empowering for all women. i was a women and gender’s studies major in college and i always find moments where i forget what i learned,…

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Brilliant! Quidditch Beer Pong

I’d LOVE to see people playing this! (pic from pinterest)

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Gangnam Style

Sound familiar?  Have you been hearing it on the radio, news stations and E! news?  Well, I was most pleasantly surprised to see that Psy made a guest appearance on Ellen and danced with her and Britney Spears!!  I LOVE how Korean Pop Music has made its way into mainstream America. If you’ve been living…

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