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Here we are in beautiful Seoul!  I got ROCKED by the flight over here and miss C is not adjusting to the time difference very well.  But nothing a little dessert, some tv and a fun play area can’t fix.  More details and photos to come later~ ^^

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Travel Style

After my trip to NYC with Markel in May, my carry on bag didn’t survive the trip.  (or it did, but it’s a little scratched and i’m trying to use that as an excuse to buy a new one! lol)  Here are some cute travel accessories/totes that I found from Etsy~ aren’t these adorable? I…

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Palm Springs: Tommy Bahamas, Beer Games, and Cheekys!

Palm Springs: Tommy Bahamas, Beer Games, and Cheekys!

 even though this birthday trip was only 24 hours, it was a JAM PACKED 24 hours.  lol  here’s part II of the big trip =) after the pool mike and i took a nap and almost missed the dinner.  lol thankfully i have a friend who bullied us out of bed and made me get…

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Shop Prima Donna

I got my first shipment of #shoppd items in the mail!  The package even came with a lovely personalized note and complimentary earrings! =) I won a $50 gift card from #shoppd recently (post here) and bought the items above.  LOVED everything .  My all time favorite item was the tote.  Not only is it…

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Flat Iron Building +Eataly + Shake Shack + Cupcakes by Melissa

One spot that Mike and I didn’t get to spend much time in was the flat iron area.  We literally did a few pit stops at some iconic locations but didn’t spend a lot time looking around or enjoying the scenary.  One big regret I have.  But that’s ok, we can put it on our…

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Chelsea, Soho, and Chinatown

One of the most exciting reasons for me to go to NYC was to visit these two girls.  LOVE THEM TO DEATH.  We now all live in different states but it’s so nice to meet up for a weekend and feel like nothing has changed.  We caught up on all the months of not seeing…

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NYC: Central Park

Markel and I went on the most beautiful picnic in central park with my friend and her bf.  The day started out really gray and hazy so we weren’t sure if we would be able to go picnic.  B U T Jesus was on our side and the weather turned out to be G O R…

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Getting to Manhattan from JFK and Back (transportation)

  When Markel and I planned our trip to NYC, I made it a point to research the city and transportation alternatives besides car service and taxis.  Strangely I am very weird about paying for taxis when subways are cheaper and just as convenient.  *shrug * So instead of taking a $60 taxi from JFK…

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Fall 2013 Bucket List

Breaking goals up by quarter has help me try to make the most of 3 months.  I like that I can see a short list of items and check them off.  Here’s my Fall bucket list <3

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Pinterest Outfit Ideas & Inspirations

I love looking at Pinterest to help me decide what new items I want to buy or give me ideas on how I should repurpose some older items in my closet.  Here ares one of my favorite looks that can transition from summer to fall and be my new fall staples.

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Coachella 2013

I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella and this is what I imagine I’d be wearing <3  Accessorized with a big floppy hat and retro sunglasses.  

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

Last week was probably one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in a LONG time.  Not only was it the first week of school, but it was filled with meetings, receptions and MUCH more.  *sigh *  I’m surprised I didn’t guzzle bottles of wine each night. The weekend was…well…a wide range of lazy and…

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Weekend Recap

  This past weekend was INCREDIBLE.  I had absolutely NO plans and it was glorious.  I had originally saved it to help Markel’s parents move, bu tI wasn’t needed so I took FULL advantage.  Slept a lot, read magazines, did 7 loads of laundry, and just spent a lot of time alone.  LOVED IT.  After…

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Freshman Orientation

On Monday, I looked outside my office window and saw this chaotic mass known as “freshman orientation”.  Every year I go down and collect all the free samples that the campus gives out to “welcome” its incoming class.  I like to believe that I’m young enough where I can pass for a wide-eyed, 18-year-old student….

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

This weekend was so much fun!  It wasn’t AS packed as my other weekends, and I loved spending time outside in the sun <3 Friday:  I was super sick in the morning which was a huge bummer since the evening festivities had been something I had been looking forward to for a LONG time =( …

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

Friday: Housewarming At Evan and Sarah’s + Hip Kitty Markel got into a car accident Friday =(  So I gave him this “chung shim won” medicine that helps calm the body and de-stress.  Tastes AWFUL but I swear it works! Saturday was a day of randomness, so here’s a photodump.  We also went to a…

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Dave’s Dirty 30

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!  Can’t believe you turned 30 yesterday… The past 16 years of friendship have literally FLOWN and I’m proud to call you an “old man”.  LOL We threw a small surprise dinner at the Lobster last night and then went out for Pinkberry after.  The perfect night to celebrate Dave’s dirrty 30 =)…

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively get Married!!

WOW…this was the LAST news i ever expected to hear this past weekend.  After Ryan’s failed engagement to Alanis Morissette, Failed married to Scarlett Johansson, I genuinely expected that Ryan would slow things down.  However, I genuinely love each of these actors and for that, I hope that they’ll have the best marriage, make beautiful…

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Fun Surprises This Week!

What a great post-labor day week!  I received 2 unexpected surprises that really cheered up my days~ Flowers from a graduating MA student to say “Thank You”.  He was seriously one of my faaaves so if he decides to finish his PHD here, there’d be no complaints from me!  This is the first time I’ve…

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Dahlias and Ikea

Aren’t these the prettiest flowers ever???  I got the Ikea vases for 79 cents each and the Dahlias were left over flowers from a wedding I went to this past weekend.  I love how these single flowers make such a big difference on my dining table.  They make the room super cheerful <3

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