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Mommy Time

Mommy Time

Hello friends.  I am doing something very rare…I am on a business trip sans baby and hubby.  Normally mike is the one that travels so it feels really weird to be away from them.   Some fun things tho… 1. I’m actually sleeping!!!   Feels freaking awesome.  2. The conference is in Berkeley so I…

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Life Lately (according to my phone)

visiting our good friends in SF and eating at one of the most amazing places in the mission district! i made lucy this little bandana. SUPER CUTE, only she didn’t get the memo to pose with it.  i’ll try to get a better one latahs. farmer’s market in westwood!  love going there~~ came home from…

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Tamales Bay in San Francisco, Part II

 continuing on from yesterday’s post (here), tamales bay was SO MUCH FUN.  in all my years in norcal, i was surprised i hadn’t been to this hidden gem before!  here are more fun pics from the day. =) (sorry anna, had to put a few more pics of your creepy pinata twin)  you can reserve…

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Tamales Bay Part I

 Over the weekend my friends and I celebrated a very special 30th birthday in SF!  We went to Tamales Bay Oysters (about an hour above the city) and feasted on fresh and grilled oysters.  This place was really cool b/c you were able to bring your own food/alchie but needed to pay for the oysters….

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Home Sweet Home

Came home tonight from San Francisco and I seriously missed our monster.  Brought back a ton of toys for her to play with.  Our amazing friends who watched her also bought her the most adorable little lamb and collar! Lucy Blair is so loved! Mike and I had the most amazing weekend in SF and…

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

ahhh this is so late.  the last few weeks have been pretty cray b/c of our littly lucy bear~ this recap is from 11/14-11/17ish ————————————————————————————————————— This is a longggg recap because it covered more than just the weekend =) First, my awesome co-worker of 4 years got a huge promotion.  Friday was her last day…

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Flat Clutch Supreme by Clare Vivier

I REALLY REALLY want this clutch!  I first laid eyes on it in SF while shopping near Hait Street.  Apparently Clare got her start in SF, so the store had a special display case for her items. Piperlime is selling this baby for $195.  *sigh *  A bit too much for me, but someday I…

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Girl’s Weekend Trip To San Diego!

This past weekend was incredibly fun and full of great times. <3  My girlfriends and I took a big end of summer trip to San Diego and it was a much needed. We drove down on Saturday morning (bright and early)~~~ We each brought a ridiculous amount of clothes/shoes for our 1 night trip.  LOL …

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was  BLAST!!  I went glamping with 2 of my besties and we explored San Francisco a bit on Sunday. =) Friday I flew out to the San Jose airport and they picked me up along their way to the campsite near Santa Cruz. When we got to the campsite, it was SOO…

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Superbowl Weekend Update and Photodump

This past weekend was…pretty epic.  Not only did I eat and drink like a champion, but it was the first weekend in a while where I wasn’t super stressed about wedding planning.  Markel and I relaxed, hung out with family/friends, and just…enjoyed all things Super Bowl! Friday Admissions… =T  nuff said Markel and I vegged…

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