Oysters & Champagne

Oh Lord I can’t believe the summer is over!  Back in June I celebrated my 33rd Birthday with a classic and fun Oysters & Champagne Party.  It was my very first time buying fresh oysters in downtown LA and our first time shucking oysters at home.  <3

If you’re interested in going downtown, I highly recommend the Los Angeles Fish Co.  They take card, are INCREDIBLY friendly, and the seafood is fresh.  There are some other places in downtown that are cheaper but the service at those places are NOT GOOD.  Like…It’s not even worth getting the cheaper prices.



we all had to wear these super cute hairnets.  ^^

img_5031 img_5033

how freaking cute are these little bun pigtails?? gah i die~~img_5035

champs for the party!  I swear i drank three bottles on my own.  o.Oimg_5100

some of the spread =Pimg_5102

mike made the most delicious vinaigrette for the oysters!  along with the traditional cocktail sauce and horseradish. =Pimg_5104 img_5110

someone was VERY VERY Excited about the cake for my birthday.  LOL img_5112


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Post Baby Wishlist


SOOO many things I can’t wait to do after baby blair is born.  YES this entire journey has been such a blessing but after 10 months… i NEED a few things to go back to normal!  and I need to indulge in a lot of other things~~

1. a facial

-my skin has gotten really oily and nasty during this pregnancy.  it’s like pregnancy mask x 100.  i didn’t’ want to get facials while pregnant so i just used lots of face washes and biore pore strips.  can’t wait for a legit facial/pore cleaning.  i already bought 2 groupons for deep cleansing facials. <3


-i want white wine, apple cider beer, beer, red wine, and COCKTAILS!!  i’ll be binge drinking in between breastfeeding sessions.  lol  not really but i can’t wait to at least drink 1 bottle of COLD angry orchard apple cider beer.


–i am DEFINITELY binging on seafood after this baby is born.  I want a dozen oysters and a sushi boat of sashimi.  lol  (all to myself)

4. Sleeping on my stomach

–i always slept on my back pre-baby but these days all i want to do is lay on my stomach and sleep on my stomach.  you never know what you had before until it’s gone huh?

5. Wearing normal clothes (and hopefully losing all this baby weight)

–not worrying about comfort first but getting to buy new and trendy pieces.  nothing looks good with me and this belly.  NOTHING.  i can’t wait to bend over and not worry about squishing the baby and being more MOBILE!  There are so many times i try to squeeze into spaces and bounce back b/c i forget about the belly or misjudge how big i really am.  Sorry baby blair!

6. walking and not waddling

–you wouldn’t believe at how many people stare at your when you’re pregnant.  >.<  bastards… make a lady feel even uglier!  or at least help me with my freaking bags!  rawr

7. my feet, skin , ankles, NOSE, neck and hands going back to normal!!!

–oh the swelling…


i’m sure it’s possible that i’ll miss being preggo, but at this point…i highly doubt it.  =T

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Weekend Recap and Photodump: Salt Air, San Diego, and Black Out drama

weekend recap & photodump

this was quite the weekend of mixed emotions and extremes.  markel was in vegas for a boys trip from thursday-sunday and i was left to my own devices.  NOT GOOD.  i never realized how much i relied on him for things until this last weekend…

example?  i have our little monster a hair cut.  if he was home, he wouldn’t have let me do that or would have at least talked me into getting her groomed.  i have no experience in this realm and my puppy cut DEFINITELY showed it.  *sigh *  lucy now has to wear dresses and bandanas for a while until her bald spots and patchy hair grow back.  sorry monster!

next example?  i got home from work on friday and the power was out.  i call a few wrong places and find out that you call the power company.  *Sigh * another thing markel would have known.  they said that the power could be out between 4pm and 132am, and that they were working to get it back up ASAP.  in a freaking panic, i ran around the house cleaning JUST IN CASE someone would need to come in during the power outage (waahhht was i thinking…).  after an hour of doing dishes, scrubbing toilets & tubs, and putting away all our clothes/laundry~~ i realized i was hungry.  i couldn’t open the fridge b/c all the cold air would come out (ruining all the food), so i decided to order take out instead & made a “blackout” kit.  i seriously thought i was being SOO clever by putting all these goodies together.  i mean lucy and i can wait it out by watching movies on the ipad and reading mags right?

*sigh *  well…literally 2.5 hours later…even BEFORE the takeout got there…the power came back on. >.<



meal for four below that i ordered in a panic.  RIDICULOUS right?  hahaha  *sigh *  it took me all weekend to eat this 5 small meals in fact.  oh geez.


On Saturday, my friends and I celebrated the birthday of the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful person in the world: our Aemy.  Dinner was at Salt Air in Venice and I totally loved everything we ate and drank.  If you’re in the LA area, I totally recommend checking this place out!


because of our large party, we sat in the back room and had a really private party.  IT WAS AWESOME.  loved being tucked in the back and having our own waitress. <3


didn’t get to take many pics b/c the lighting wasn’t great and the flash was blinding.  Oysters were amazing~~~


Our dinner group~ the most beautiful ladies I know <3  it was such a fun night of great convos, laughs and food.  the older i get, the more and more i appreciate these dinners and GNOs.


This last Monday was a more somber event…Grandpa Cordaro passed away and the entire clan got together to say goodbye.  He was such an amazing and kind hearted man.  People told wonderful stories about him at the funeral and at the luncheon afterwards.  He was so loved by his family, friends and community.  Even in his last year of life, he was nominated as President of activities in his senior living home.  lol  quite the charmer even till the end.


Grandma Cordaro passed away less than a year ago.  They were married for 65 years and were together 24/7.  Her death was really really hard on him.  Now they’re together in heaven~ <3

image        ive never seen this flag ceremony before.  it was really beautiful and poetic.  like just the bugle music alone brought tears to everyones eyes as the flag was being folded and unfolded.  grandpa cordaro was a veteran in the army and is buried in a veteran’s cemetery down in SD with his wife.


this part really choked me up.  my brother went to iraq and my biggest fear was receiving one of these.  luckily he was a military intelligence officer and didn’t face as much danger as many of the other brave soldiers.  i’m always so touched when i see anything military related and always will be.


really beautiful tribute table at the burial of his ashes, his old military photo and the american flag.


some of the grandkids & their spouses + the great grandkids



and to end this post…some cutie pics of our monster:


trying to wake up on saturday…both of us were pooped. (btw she sleeps on my chest the last few hours of the morning and although i should push her off…i kinda like it. i like the closeness and the cuddling.  lol)


she was so sleepy this weekend.  kept falling asleep anytime you left her alone.  adorbs.image


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Tamales Bay in San Francisco, Part II



 continuing on from yesterday’s post (here), tamales bay was SO MUCH FUN.  in all my years in norcal, i was surprised i hadn’t been to this hidden gem before!  here are more fun pics from the day. =)

(sorry anna, had to put a few more pics of your creepy pinata twin)


 you can reserve the tables for free as long as you buy a certain minimum in food.  Our group got a bag of oysters to eat fresh and grill.  ive never grilled oysters before and they were DELICIOUS.  a little chewy like a muscle but tastier.  grilling the oyster also loosens up the shell a bit so that it’s easier to shuck them.


one of the best parts of tamales bay is that you can bring your own picnic of food and alchie!  here’s part of our spread below…

IMG_1374 IMG_1375 IMG_1376

put a few different sauces on the oysters.  SOOOO good.  it was so much fun to shuck and eat oysters that we want to host our own party at home!  (hear that LA friends?!)


markel shucked the first few oysters and it was such a fun experience!  i even shucked one myself and found that it was surprisingly easy!


made this little banner from free printables online!  LOVE what the internet and a color printer can put together these days. <3


the gorgeous babies that came  out. xo


 some fun candids of the rest of the day <3

IMG_1379 IMG_1407 IMG_1413 IMG_1427 IMG_1446

8 years ago the three of us went to Europe together and traveled over 9 countries!  It was seriously the most memorable trip of my life and it’s always amazing to get together.  8 years and still fab!


markel made a litle friend that afternoon.  his new friend cooper showed him how to skip rocks, how to play in the sand, and how to just be all around awesome. =)  It was incredibly adorable and I just had to take a million pictures of them together.

IMG_1465 IMG_1474

apparently there is something called “1, 2, 3”.  My bestie and markel did it a few times with cooper and it looked so fun i wanted to try it!

(look at cooper’s face!  he’s having so much fun)

IMG_1494 IMG_1495

is this NOT the most perfect family pic???  (if they were a family that is…)

IMG_1496 IMG_1500

soooo, i tried it too and just got this pic below >.<  markel telling me that i wasn’t doing it right.  *sigh *  who knew that “1, 2, 3” was an exact science??!?!

IMG_1505  IMG_14691

sooo the bestie took over and we took about 100 more pictures.  we laughed a lot over this “family” pic of 2 random adults and a baby taking pictures.  just like a commercial or photoshoot.  heheIMG_15001

the entire weekend was SUCH a blast and it was fun doing new things with old friends.  happy birthday to my fabulous friend!

 AND it’s friday people!!  i’m sooooooo freaking excited for the weekend.  lots planned ahead with just me and the lucy monster.  (markel’s in vegas with his friends for a big boys reunion.)

have a wonderful weekend all!


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Tamales Bay Part I


 Over the weekend my friends and I celebrated a very special 30th birthday in SF!  We went to Tamales Bay Oysters (about an hour above the city) and feasted on fresh and grilled oysters.  This place was really cool b/c you were able to bring your own food/alchie but needed to pay for the oysters.  easy peasy right?  some people even bought muscles and clams but we kept it simple. =)

 Here are part I pics of the incredibly fun day!

 (oh…in case you’re wondering…this is part of the old UC Davis college crew.  most of my college friends still live up north.  i have a small sprinkle of davis alums in LA but it’s always fun to see the norcal ladies. <3)






isn’t this pinata BRILLIANT???  one of our friends put it together and filled it with personal inside joke items that TOTALLY sum up this birthday girl.




mel (above) is the one who came up with the most adorable pinata and also a fun canvas that everyone signed.  this is mini anna below making the car ride to tamales bay. <3


mel even drew shoes & laces on the pinata!  hehehe



i love these ladies.  they seriously keep me so grounded and real.  i’m so lucky to have grown up with these guys and shared so many huge memories.  We’ve known each other for 10-12 years and gone through all of our adult life stages together.  so blessed <3



the incredible inventor herself =P

the most adorable baby boy i ever did see.  hehe  i fell in love…his face shows otherwise.  >.<  lol


baby cooper skipping rocks in the lake <3

  IMG_1409 IMG_1411IMG_1405 (1)IMG_1403

more to come in tmrw’s post!!


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Happy Monday!

ahhh another monday.  the weekend was ridiculously hot and my non-air conditioned apartment suffered quite a bit.  but nothing a little ice and ice cream can’t fix. <3

markel and i had a really fab weekend out and about~ those posts are coming later  this week =)  for now, here are a few weekend teasers!


wpid-screenshot_2014-07-12-22-19-20-1.png IMG_0788 IMG_0829 IMG_0837 IMG_0835 IMG_0843




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