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Productivity Tips for the New Year

Productivity Tips for the New Year

2017 is here and one of my biggest goals is to be more productive.  over the break i did a lot of self-reflection and i feel like i’m half-assing life, work, friendships, relationships, and me.  i’ve lost a lot of my sparkle b/c i’m just so darn TIRED!  here are some helpful articles and tips…

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Hopes for 2015

Normally I write a list of resolutions that I want to keep throughout the year.  And…like so many others…I can never keep them.  This year I’d like to do something different and write hopes for the year~  Good and positive things I want to put into the air so that it can come true in…

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New Year’s Resolution

It’s that sneaky time of year again!  Where people around the world start to make resolutions.  I always make a huge list of resolutions and well…I do a pretty terrible job of fulfilling them.  This year, I’m trying to make only a few realistic ones.  I’m turning the big 3-0 in June and I want…

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