If you could taste a little bit of heaven right now…it would be at N/Naka.  NO JOKE.  This restaurant was literally the best food I had ever eaten in my entire life. I wanted to C R Y with every bite because it was all THAT DELICIOUS.

We ate about 15 plates and they were all small bites.  At first you think you won’t leave full~ but MAN OH MAN~ every single bite is SOOOO satisfying.  AND you eat so many plates that you are stuffed by the end.  The entire menu is so well thought out and paired with the most AMAZING wines/sakes (if you get the wine pairing).  I literally wanted to melt every time I took a bite of food and a sip of alcohol.  I can’t tell you the EXCITEMENT I felt as each new course and alcohol tasting came out.  The entire 3 hour experience was SO SO SO INSANE.

We went here for Mike’s belated birthday and they made it extra special with a little chocolate dessert (on top of the desserts!).  They even took our picture AND the owner of the restaurant came out to personally greet each table.  The pictures below are only a small sample of what I took.

I can go on and on about how special and amazing this place is.  If you have a chance, PLEASE go and make reservations.  I emailed the restaurant directly and was able to take over a cancellation spot.  If you’ve been wondering about this place or thinking about trying it~~ DO NOT WAIT.  YOU HAVE TO EAT HERE!!!  I’ve heard from so many people that it’s better than Providence. *gasp*


Here we are below with the owner~~~ eek she was SO NICE!!download

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The Tiny House Movement


[pic source]

I have no idea why…but this Tiny House movement is INSANELY fascinating and I really really want to try it out.  I don’t want to move from backyard to backyard or even travel the world.  I just wish I had a piece of land and we had a tiny house on it.  Mike always just says, “uh you mean like a back house/pool house?”  uh… yea… but cooler and on wheels! =P

I love the idea of living simply.  Like you have JUST enough to make it work b/c you don’t neeed 15 blankets or towels or sheets (like our place now) and you don’t need 10 different pots and pans.  (Let’s just say…we’ve got a lot of clutter in our place.)

“Going Tiny” would allow me to dump everything excess and just focus on the small things and small pleasures of life.  I think it would help me get rid of my consumerism identity and just… live life more fully.  I know I could do that now in my apartment, but it’s hard to throw away things that I paid good money for.  Like the items aren’t damaged, they were pricey to buy and that one time we throw a dinner party or have guests sleeping over… it’s nice to have the things they need.

gah i dunno.  This is just a movement I’m SUPER DUPER into and it would be such a dream to live out.  I always hear that going tiny is a wonderful financial investment/savior as well if you have student loan debt (uh, hi my name is esther) or you’re just trying to get out of the consumer mindset.  For now, I watch every netflix show or cable show on it and dream of what my tiny house would be like. =P

Are you into this??  What are your thoughts?? I’m so curious if it’s just a weird obsession by me or if other people think about this too!  lol


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