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My Current Skincare and Beauty Favorites

My Current Skincare and Beauty Favorites

after almost two years after c was born, i finally feel like myself again.  weird that it took this long.  but i’m finally starting to invest in some skincare products and have fun with make up again. here are some fun new products that i’ve been loving and highly recommend if you are looking for…

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Easy Makeup and Hair for the Busy Mama

Easy Makeup and Hair for the Busy Mama

I’m always looking for shortcuts to getting ready and looking presentable at work/church/play dates.  Thank the Lord for Pinterest and YouTube tutorials!  Lol.  Here are some good ideas I found online!  Enjoy busy mamas! 🙂 3, 5, & 10 Make-Up Tutorials Practical Makeup Tips for Moms Fabulous and Fast Makeup Tips for Moms Eye Makeup…

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In My Makeup Bag

In My Makeup Bag

I have always been a huge lipstick lovahh but during my not so wonderful pregnan/post-baby phase I kinda forgot about it.  Or at least lost my passion for it~ if you can call it that.  LOL BUT LADIES, I’M BAAAACK and loving some new purchases!  Here is what I’m constantly reaching for these days~  …

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Spring lipcolor 

my favorite lip color this spring!  it’s a matte pink~~      

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Lancome Eyeliner

my faaaave eyeliner of the moment.  glides on super easy and stays on all day.  up until now i’ve only used pencil since i’m terrible at drawing eyeliner straight, but this tip makes it so easy! I still love my Maybelline pencil but this liquid liner and applicator gives you the cleanest, thinnest line and…

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Goodbye Excess Makeup

Goodbye Excess Makeup

In my PB Life (pre-baby), I have always had drawers full of makeup, nail polish and beauty ANYTHING.  I loved going to Target and looking through the beauty aisles and trying new things.  Unfortunately over the last year I haven’t had a chance to do that nor have I really had the desire too.  I’ve…

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Target Haul: NYX, Revlon, and Maybelline

Target is now selling NYX makeup!!  *halellujahhhh*  I absolutely LOVE NYX products.  The items are clearly great quality but for half the drug store price.  Here’s my full haul below: NYX Highlighter and Brow Liner NYX Butter Gloss NYX Matte Finish Spray Revlon Photoready Foundation Maybelline Pumped Up Maybelline Liner Lipstick   i bought these items…

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Summer Makeup and Beauty Essentials

  these are my current go-to summer makeup and beauty essentials right now for day and night. new items that i’m LOVING: 1. NYX Matte Finish –a light spray that goes all over my face and really sets the makeup.  love it.  bought it at target, because they now carry NYX products!!  eek.  i absolutely…

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Going Out Makeup

Went to a Bar Mitzvah at the Beverly Hills Hotel and tried a few new colors.  Not sure if I’ll be using this blush again though… I haven’t dressed up for an event like this in so long it’s nice to have a string of Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s this year. =)

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Shany Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette

 My friend gave me this Shany Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette and I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out new colors.  I normally stick to golds and browns, but this has given me courage to venture outside of my comfort zone!  I really like these eye shadows because they have a lot of pigment,…

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Going Out Make-Up

Trying out New Makeup Lately…Got some new colors of lipstick and eyeliner.  PLUS I’m trying to use this massive eye shadow palate my girl General Byon gave me.  So many colors = so many different looks!  I’ve been loving the wine & plum colors this month!

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MAC nailpolish

I got this nail color as a gift a few birthdays ago and I still love wearing it.  It’s a dark khaki color with a gold sheen to it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and it compliments so many outfits and accessories! Color: Frost-Earthly Harmony

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New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #2

Here’s my second option for new years eve.  This doesn’t photograph as pretty as the gold dress, but it’s still such a gorgeous/elegant option!!  I think I’d do the same makeup/hair as the gold dress for this one as with outfit #1. Accessorized this outfit with… Pim + Larkin Necklace, BCBG Clutch, DV Black Heels…

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Vegas Makeup

Vegas Makeup is my favorite Kind!  I get to do some fun, funky and trendy tricks and just have FUN.  During my normal life I keep to a normal makeup routine without much variation.  Here’s a bad picture below.  The lighting came out super yellow and you don’t get to see some of the more…

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Winter Makeup

I found this look on Pinterest.  LOVE IT.  I don’t have many places in my life now where I can wear this kind of full makeup look~~ but I love the dark lipstick, winged eyeliner and perfect brows!

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Going Out Makeup

I’m sure you can tell from this picture below but…I’ve got a LOT of makeup on.  =P  This is my “going out” routine~~ a heavier hand with everything from my day look (post here) and a nice bright lipstick to top off the look.  In this picture below, it’s a rare day that I curled…

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Old Hollywood Glam

LOVE this makeup look.  Winged tipped eyeliner doesn’t look awesome on me, but I LOVE to see other girls wearing it!

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Fall Lipstick

I finally got the chance to try out this fall’s new lipstick trend: dark red/wine lips. THE BEST PART of this entire trial?  I found the colors in my own lipstick collection!  I had bought a few darker colors a year or two ago and found that it didn’t really compliment my skin the same…

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Sephora Delivery

I ordered a few things from sephora recently for myself and for some extra goodies to pad 2 birthday presents. I love sephora~~ i love makeup and I love trying new things out.  Although I like to stick to specific color families…it doesn’t hurt to experiment once in a while right? This time, I got…

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Wedding Pictures (part I)

life has been so busy I completely forgot to post our wedding pictures!  We have so many it’ll probably take like 10 posts… but here are some of us getting ready <3

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