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Babies vs Dogs

sooooooo i’m about to offend a lot of mamas out there but…. whenever i hear people talk about their babies or their second/third children i ALWAYS mentally compare it to raising lucy.  LOL Both require a lot of patience, training, time and responsibility. To have a well behaved dog implies a sacrifice of your time,…

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A few (maybe a lot of) things…

A few (maybe a lot of) things…

this is another hodge podge post with random things that are going on.  my days/weeks are seriously running together and i can barely keep track of what day it is.  sigh.  i hope this craziness slows down a bit.  instead of enjoying each day and second, mike and i are literally racing to just get…

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Father’s Day

Father’s Day

This past Sunday was Mike’s first father’s day!  How exciting~~ ^^  We celebrated this big day in two parts: one with his family and one with ours (the three of us). <3 here’s our first family photo together!!  obviously i still have some pregnancy weight to lose but it felt so nice to be out…

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Life Lately

Life Lately

I have TONS of posts that I have yet to write or update ya’ll on… life has just been so cray lately.  I’m still going through the pains of morning sickness and I have low to no energy.  My old coworker thinks this means I’m having a girl b/c she had 2 boys and had…

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Happy Halloween

This last halloween was super chill.  As I saw my instagram/facebook feed show pictures of people having the time of their lives in the cutest costumes…this new preggo lady had to take it easy.  Wonderful friends came over and we ate, played and carved pumpkins! Here’s a little photodump of the fun night. <3 Lucy…

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Markel and Me + little B = THREE! =)

  Just from this corny title you may have guessed…but the Blair family is expanding!!  Although our family is bigger than just markel and me (can’t forget little lucy blair), the rhyme didn’t quite work another way.  lol This little bundle of joy in my tummy is quite the surprise but we couldn’t be any…

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Scary Pumpkin

Hehe looks like someone is ready for halloween 🙂 Lucy was no as amused as her mama…lol Cant wait for our halloween party in a few weeks!

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Life Lately…(according to my phone)

Life Lately…(according to my phone)

 i found these little gems on my phone that i hadn’t shared with you yet!  These pics are from August (so i’m obviously behind on sharing stuff) but seeing these brings back lots of fun august moments! xoxo went to a fun yelp event with mike in encino and got lots of free/discounted goodies <3…

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Lucy Blair: Apple of My Eye

Lucy Blair: Apple of My Eye

i know…you guys can’t get enough of lucy blair pics right???  neither can i!! =)  here’s a little update and photodump about her~~ AFTER spading: -she loves to tear up paper.  it’s ridiculous.  (u’ll see the pics below) -she no longer humps mr. panda (i’m sure he’s grateful). -she no longer tinkles when she’s excited…

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Movie Night in the Park

I wrote a summer list of things I wanted to accomplish this year (post here) and last Thursday Markel, Lucy and I tackled one! =)  We watched Born To Be Wild in the Marina Del Rey Park.  We went with my bestie from college and it was SOO FUN: wine, picnic basket of goodies, blankets,…

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Weekend Recap and Photodump: Salt Air, San Diego, and Black Out drama

this was quite the weekend of mixed emotions and extremes.  markel was in vegas for a boys trip from thursday-sunday and i was left to my own devices.  NOT GOOD.  i never realized how much i relied on him for things until this last weekend… example?  i have our little monster a hair cut.  if…

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Happy Saturday Dolls!

Spending the morning in bed watching friday night lights with my little monster.  I’ve never watched this show and wanted to see what all the hype was about (even tho the show ended a while back). Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

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Happy 6 Years to Markel and Me (the people)

can you believe that mike and i have been together for 6 years now?  so cray.  time has FLOWN by and in the blink of an eye we went from 22 & 24 to married with a little fur baby.  we grew up together and really found our footing in life as a couple.  i…

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Mexican Serape

My Mexican Blanket has arrived!  WAHOOO =)  It  didn’t arrive in time for my friend’s birthday (click here and here)~ but I’m excited to use it this summer!  one of  my summer goals (post here) is to go to an outdoor movie and this would be the perfect blanket to bring. <3  even our little…

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Little Lucy Blair Update

    Little Lucy got Spaded on July 3rd and is now all recovered and cone-free.  I read online that her behavior would change after surgery~ reduction in energy, aggression, urination, wandering…etc.  FALSE.  This little monster is more hyper and harder to calm down.  *sigh *  She’s also shedding like a mo-fo right now and I’m…

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DSLR Canon Rebel T3i

my new camera is here!!  *wooooooooot*  it came on saturday and i can’t put it down!  i’ve been taking pictures of everything!  it took me a while to choose one (more about that here), but once i selected a model i also decided to get a package deal over buying things individually.  there were tons of opinions on…

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Lucy Blair

Apple of my eye ♡♡♡ Cuddling on the couch tonight with a giant glass of wine~ waiting for Markel to get home from work.  He works so hard for our little family.  We are so lucky to have him as the papa Blair of this clan. ♥ My giant wine glass ;P Hump day, wine…

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January 2014 Recap

January was SUCH a world wind month!  Coming back from vacation and going straight into the busiest quarter of the academic year was insane (in the membrane!  does anyone say that anymore??).  PLUS I was sick for 3 out of 5 weeks so that was no fun… =T But January was the month of lavish…

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Lifestyle Updates

I’ve been holding off on lifestyle updates about my weekends, trips, news because I’m working on revamping the site and back-end of the blog!  This should all be up in a few weeks (hopefully less).  Then I’ll update you all about my Christmas/New Years and January moments! =) Thank you for your patience!! xoxoxo A…

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