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Here we are in beautiful Seoul!  I got ROCKED by the flight over here and miss C is not adjusting to the time difference very well.  But nothing a little dessert, some tv and a fun play area can’t fix.  More details and photos to come later~ ^^

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Hawaii (Part V)

On our last full day of the trip~ my brother, his wife, Markel and I all dedicated it to a day of fun with Mama Chang.  It was her 60th birthday (which is HUGE in Korean Culture) and well…it was the first time in a long time we had been together. we went paddle boarding…

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My Grandmother’s Funeral: Rest In Peace Sun Dong Ho

My Paternal Grandmother passed away on April 6th in her sleep.  She was 92 years old and lived an incredible life.  She was born when Japan had Annexed Korea, went through a number of Wars (WWII, Korean War, Japan’s Annex, etc) and knew 4 languages by the time she passed.  Sun Dong Ho (or halmoni,…

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PaeBaek: Korean Wedding Ceremony

Yes, another wedding related post.  Bear with me friends!  When my parents came to visit in April, there was a lot of debate and preparation for whether or not my brother and his fiancee would participate (or include) the PaeBaek in their wedding this July.  If you live in Los Angeles, having a paebaek is…

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