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Easter Bakset Ideas For Toddlers

Easter Bakset Ideas For Toddlers

easter planning is well underway in the blair home!  i love a good holiday and the fun decorations that it comes with.  we have a small apartment so it’s hard to decorate for each season, so i tried to make a few super cute easter baskets and items for a easter egg hunt outdoors. this…

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Pumpkin Patch and Petting Zoo Fun

Pumpkin Patch and Petting Zoo Fun

We went to a small pumpkin patch and petting zoo this past weekend and C was IN LOVE.  She is obsessed with animals and the fact that she got to feed and pet them just blew her mind!!  There were so many kids crying from the animals being aggressive that I was worried Charlotte  would…

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Winter Obsessions

Winter Obsessions

We don’t get a white Christmas in LA like many other places~ and not really even a COLD COLD winter.  But here are some of my favorite winter season moments… 1. hot chocolate 2. holiday decorations 3. cozy sweaters 4. rain

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Holiday Clutches

I can’t believe it’s already DECEMBER!!  Holy Cow where did this entire year go??  Lately, as holiday catalogs and party invites come in the mail, I’ve been really wanting the perfect holiday party clutch.  I usually just bring my smallest cross body bag, but that is seriously NOT dressy and can be a little embarrassing…

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Happy Fourth of July

My fourth of july outfit dor the day 🙂 (So I had hoped…but lucy bear got spaded yesterday so im taking care of the little sass monster.) Hope everyone is loving this heat and enjoying their long weekend!

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Happy Memorial Day: Celebrating our Brave Military Men and Women!

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Happy One Year Anniversary to Markel & Me! <3

I CANNOT believe it’s been an entire year since we got married in Cypress, CA.  The day was BEYOND stressful, we had a few too many drinks, and we danced our asses off. xo  That day I married my best friend and I’m so incredibly lucky!!  Here are a few (ok more than a few)…

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Holiday Nails

Today is my last day of work until January 6th!  LOVE working at UCLA!! =)  Here are some fun holiday nail ideas for Christmas and NYE! =)  

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Giving Thanks with Family and Friends

This last weekend was THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!! =)  Markel and I went to his parents home in Beaumont for the weekend,  It was SO MUCH FUN, totally relaxing, and went by WAY TOO FAST.  *sigh * Here are some photos of the weekend~~ The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my coworkers and I had a little lunch to…

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Engagement Anniversary

Do Engagement Anniversaries really exist???  hahaha  *shrug *  In my life they do!!! =) Exactly 1 year ago today~ Markel proposed =)  It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and well…I was BEYOND shocked.  I was a zombie all day trying to process it and at night~ Markel threw the BIGGEST surprise party ever.  I am…

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Happy Halloween!

How cute is this photo?

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Hawaii (Part VI)

Our flight back home…sad to be leaving =( Mama Chang made us masubi’s and gimbap!  SOOOOOOOO yummy on our flight home! How adorable are these bathroom signs?? Once we got back to LA, we literally vegged out on the couch for hours.  EXHAUSTED, happy to be home, and missing Hawaii all at the same time.

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I love America Nails

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Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Every Fourth of July, I’m always scrambling to get something red, white and blue.  This past year, I’ve been consciously looking for clothing that isn’t just those colors~ but has the actual flag pattern.  I’ve found that Forever 21, Love Culture and Brandy Melville all have really great options! Here are some inspirational ideas from…

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Weekend recap and Photodump (part IV)

March 17th: MOVING DAY!! Such a fun and exciting day for Markel and Me.  We got a chance to start our lives together and move into a place all our own <3 This is the morning moving crew that helped us get our Uhaul packed!  Such awesome troopers <3 Coffee to keep us going Going…

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Weekend Recap and Photodump (part I)

SO MUCH happened two weekends ago and during that week~that I’m breaking it down to four posts (1 per day almost) I had Friday Off, so it seemed even crazier than it was!  haha Let me back up a little to wed/thurs… It’s Persian New Year (Nowruz) right now and one of the sweetest people…

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THINK PINK: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Man, this year V-day really snuck up on me.  I’m usually prepared with plans but this year…nada.  Work has been REALLY crazy, my  the wedding planning…blah.  So every spare moment I get I usually try to sleep or watch a show that I have in my crazy DVR cue. Anyway, Valentine’s Day (for me) is…

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Valentine’s Day is Approaching!

Here are some adorable V-day related items from etsy~~ Love the red hearts on everything!  I haven’t even had a chance to think about what I want to do on V-day but these adorable pieces would brighten up the (hallmark made)  holiday for sure <3 Sweet PB NetieArt Pillow Palooza MF Jewels

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Holiday Nail Tutorials

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Rustic Day or Night…Wedding Table Decor

Love these tablescapes!!  They’re both so romantic, classic and glamorous.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these looks.  I can’t decide between the two…But i’m sure whichever one I choose~ the reception will be perfect. I was really stuck on a colored uplight…but after these two pictures…I think low white light would be gorgeous. What do you…

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