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Kids Clothing: Where to Shop

Kids Clothing: Where to Shop

i’m constantly being asked where i get c’s clothing and accessories and shopping for this little one is seriously the most fun thing in the whole world.  here are some of the shops that i go to for c! Janie & Jack-chic baby wear.  i’m obsessed with this store.  the clothing is crazy pricey but…

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H&M Haul

my post baby body has yet to return back to “normal”.  i have successfully lost more than half the weight gained during pregnancy but i’m not sure when my body will actually go back to normal.  *sigh * soo…this last week i’ve been slowly trying on clothes in my closet to see what still looks…

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Top 5 Favorite Online Shopping Sites

As summer break approaches and the weather gets warm~~ I’m online shopping more than normal.  I have an itch to get new, fresh, summery pieces! Here are the 5 sites I’m absolutely loving right now.    

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Donut Holes at H&M

Have you tried these donut holes to make your buns bigger???  I have the medium size one and use it A L L T H E T I M E. Popped into H&M with Markel and went nuts over this giant donut (upper right side).  Although they didn’t have the large size in the dark…

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H&M haul

I went into H&M to pick up a Christmas present last week and ended up leaving with presents for myself!  H&M is having an AMAZING sale right now. =) I scored a gold braided belt for $3, a black crossbody bag for $9.99, and a scarf for $5!! I love H&M.  I can’t wait to…


H&M and Love Culture Buys

I did a little shopping for my birthday (bought by Markel of course).  Here are a few of my favorite finds (will post more later): From H&M, I bought a lace black shirt and a yellow dress for $5 each! From Love Culture, I bought these adorable lace shorts!  I’ve worn them twice already and…

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